Friday, November 12, 2010

a sneek peek

Never fear blog stalkers..... I have been VERY busy crafting it up over here in my cyber spot.... But my lips are sealed and I cant tell you any more than that....
Here is something to tease you with in the meantime....

And one of my resin brad flowers.... lots of colours available, contact me if you want the details....

Whaaaa ha ha... (thats a wicked laugh....)

More of my resin brad flowers and other goodies really soon..... for details just ask me in the comments and leave me your email if you like :)


  1. Oh Bum!!! I Just bought a truckload of the resin Cab flowers to make cute hairclips and flowers with.....Wish I'd known you sell them!!!!! Love and Peace you crafty gal you!

  2. Me! Pick me - I'll pm you my email via Challenge Heaven :)BTW - love that sneak - looks like lots of dimension and texture will soon be revealed (two of my fav things)!!

  3. Oh wow this totally rocks - awesome sneak!!! :D :D :D

  4. Loove what I see here. I want to see it all....pleeease?