Tuesday, November 16, 2010


My eldest boy went to camp yesterday with school.
He was so excited and very nervous as to what was going to happen. He had so many questions and uncertainties as to what to wear when, what if he doesn't like the food... what if he gets left behind... or lost. He has never stayed anywhere without me before.
They had to be at school by 7:30am, he was up at 6:30 and fully ready by 6:35, we literally live 1 house away from his school.
I was so worried for him too - what if he gets cold at night, what if he is scared at night, what if his shoes get wet and he has no others?? Just Mum things to worry about but I feel lost, as if I have lost an arm or that feeling when you cant find your credit card at the shops. Watching him go on the bus, worried if he will be OK - I know he will be looked after but the teachers don't love him like we do.
Its hard to have the umbilical cord severed like that after 8 years, you realise how much you actually do for your child.
But watching the excitement on his little face as he frantically waved goodbye to me from the bus and chatted with his mates makes me excited for him as well. He will have the best time.
Cant believe how much I miss him though


  1. he will be fine, and so will you, its hard esp when its your 1st......

  2. awww Mel. I am NOT looking forward to letting her go to camp etc. She wont even stay with my MIL overnight because she feels homesick!!

  3. I would so feel the very same way, I am not looking forward to the first day of him going to school even, sure he will be okay, just me that will be the blithering mess. Melxx Hope all goes well for him Mel, he will have a ball.

  4. You're not alone ... after all, who's the best to be mum? Oh yeah, Mum! Get excited and ready for when he comes home and by a bag of marshies to sit and scoff with a hot chocolate so he can tell you all about it!

  5. ohhh I know that feeling! Hope all goes well for him and for you!