Friday, November 11, 2011

Doors open....

MIMOKO is finally up and running....
The workmen have left the building after construction (I will miss them...) and so its now ready for viewing
Head on over for a looksie!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fabric Traders giveaway...

sooo, I love paper... but I love fabric just as much.
I use paper for my scrapping of course, and the fabric?? well most of the time I buy it and just look at it... sometimes its just too pretty to cut up... but once I do and use it in a quilt I am so happy with the results...

I have been a fan of Simone and Jodys' blog for a long time, and now they have released an online store that my little credit card is going to get a workout from right here

They are also doing a giveaway where you had to pick your fav fabric from the new store...OK so this sounds easy right?
Thats what I thought about an hour ago... drooling on the keyboard at all the gorgeous fabrics... yep thats my fav...no hang on this one...oh but look at that one... sooooo many to choose from..

 But I chose this one.. cute little elephants...crisp and clean but oh so cuuuute. I have the perfect little spot for these dudes to sit... once I turn them into a cushion...hope they dont mind...
Ele Cozy Pink by Premier Prints

go check it out!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Thanks to my friend, the gorgeous and very talented Domina, Mimoko Hair Accessories is now on facebook.... I know .... its about time I got onto facebook ...blah blah blah.... still got a box telly... blah blah..hippy ....WHATEVER.... I ... well Domina...did it!!!

 See that little icon thingo over there >>>>>
yep.. thats the link to my Facebook sight....
 Go over here and have a little looksie.. and if you are on facebook, dont forget to like my page ... because I love ya!!
here is a taste of what there is.....