Friday, November 26, 2010

still some left!!

But selling out fast!!
For all the details click on the images in the side bar.
Just over > there
OK!! Just click here for the Chrissy Pack
and here for the vintage pack... couldn't be easier

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monster under the bed....

I absolutely swear to you - this is not a set up photo.
I was in the kitchen doing the dishes....
Mr 8 was cleaning up the lounge,
and Mr 7 was sneaking in here on the computer watching a photo slide show
and so the princess, slid this spare mattress under her brothers bed ... and called out to them to hurry up and come to bed.... I was yelling from the kitchen that they were on the way... then it occurred to me it was quiet...
we couldn't find her anywhere until....this is where we found her!!
She had given up waiting and had fallen asleep under the bed!!!

too funny

It is my 10 year wedding anniversary today - I received a gorgeous watch this morning from my beautiful hubby - I will post pictures tomorrow. I got him ........... hmmmm, 10 years is aluminium or tin ..... do you think a tinnie of beer is OK?? Or a can of soup for dinner???
He is out at a launch party while I am home with the kids.... ahhh... 10 years....

And a Chrissy Pack

And another one - this one is a Christmas theme pack of red, white and a touch of green.
In this pack you will receive.....
4 red doilies
4 red snowflake doilies
4 white snowflake doilies
1 candycane puffy
1 "feeling seedy" green puffy
1 pack of mini red flowers
2 beautiful silver backed red roses.
There are 5 of these packs available for $6 (backorders are welcome!!)
Leave a comment below with your email address and I will contact you

Vintage Embellie sale

OK - so there are only 4 of these kits available right now - but more are on the way... and some different packs too.

In this pack you will receive

1 white peony with pearl and bling centre
1 gold peony with pearl and bling centre
1 soft latte peony with pearl centre
4 doilies
4 snowflake doilies
12" beige lace (9cm wide)
2 pink mini resin roses
2 vintage lotus flowers (various colours will be sent but all gorgeous vintage tones)
1 vintage phone fabric button (flat backed for scrapping)
1 little birdie button
these are available for $10 and $2 for postage.
Just leave me a comment here if you would like one or have any questions about them.
I will be posting more kits here REALLY soon

with a big dollop of choccie on top!!

How many could you stuff in your mouth?? If you make me a batch the same as this I will show you how many I can do... I will win

If there is one weakness I have .... its got to be cakes and bikkies and Brown Brothers Moscato (HI Sue!!!) in that order is fine too BTW.... maybe thats why I cant fit into any of last years summer clothes...

So ... I HAD to scoff about 10 of these little beauties in the aid of research for the Lollipop Ladies this time... and we had to add swirls (a fav) So I came up with this!

Its actually a circle LO - featuring my cupcakes in glitter white and a handmade flower and my doilies in chocolate with lots and lots of swirls!!

Head on over to the Lollipop Ladies and be inspired - we would love to see your creations!!

On the third day of Christmas....

My true love wrapped a MASSIVE box (with a new oven inside.... :P) and attached these cute little Kraft tags to it with Bakers Twine..... Tags are $1 now for three!!!! Available here

Ok... well a girl can only dream of a new 900mm Smeg gas and electric oven..... Hmmm, well at least I may receive the Kraft tags..... still be a happy girl because they are super cute...

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

On the second day of Christmas...

I wish my true love would buy me more of these Old Favourites beautiful pearly hat pins, so vintage, so pretty.... but maybe not the lavender (you know how I feel about that...)
Seriously ... if my true love only bought me one packet of these and that was it... I would be happy that he had thought of something scrappy related....but I would also poke him with one - for 75 cents... he would have to buy me a few packs in every colour.... then I would be a happy girl :)
That's not too much to ask??
C'mon girls.... surely these are stocking fillers.... to add to the other goodies available in the store!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

On the first day of Christmas....

Let your true love buy you this.... (my true love is my credit card.....)

A cute little kit brimming with everything you need for school pages.... OR... a thankyou Christmas gift for the teachers....
In order to get ready for the new year Old Favourites will be having some great sales on every day this week. Ohhh.... the seven days of Christmas!!!!
Today they have the first vintage kit created by Old Favourites 'Back To School' on sale for $10 marked down from $14.95
It's great value, but there are only a few kits available, so you had better get in quick.
All sale items will be available until Sunday 28th November 2010 but once they are sold out that's it!
Check back tomorrow for the Tuesday sale item. All products can be seen in the online store.

Be afraid... be very afraid...

When you open the egg box to find an EVIL egg!!!
Scared? You should be......
(LOL.... just thought I'd share...)
Mad Mel xxx

Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa Claus is coming....

Done your Chrissy cards yet??
If not... check these out!!! Aren't they the cutest??
Old Favourites have these in the etsy shop - they are original vintage playing cards featuring a sweet little girl in her bestest Christmas day outfit waiting for a kiss under the mistletoe... awww, too sweet. I think they are perfect for your Chrissy cards.. or a perfect embellishment on this years Christmas pages!!

Sorry I haven't been around to send out the luvvin' to all that I stalk... I will be back soon but have been layed up in bed for a couple of days :(
Will be back to stalk you all soon when I am better.

Mel xxx

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christams Ideas with Bakers Twine

Can I just say, I love using Bakers Twine, I think its my new addiction.
Since I have been playing with the Old Favourites Bakers twine, I have come up with some cute little Christmas Ideas for cards and tags that I know you will have to try.
They were really easy to do - sew around the edges of a stamped shipping tag with the twine and finish in a contrasting colour. I chose red and green for Christmas but the store has SO many different colours to choose from for all occasions, not just Christmas. Wrap your presents in beautiful boxes tied up with bakers twine for a funky vintage twist.
Try hanging flocked Christmas stockings on a string of twine and attaching them to a stitched tag, and again tying the box with some more twine
Remember those string art pieces around in the seventies? My Mum used to make them to sell at markets.... well they really were quite ugly, not that I would tell her that...
But my little card isn't ugly - I think its kind of funky and makes me want to eat a candy
cane - a peppermint one, not those yukky fruity ones available these days .....ewwww
I created this funky Christmas star by sewing the twine into the cardstock using the string art idea... Want to know how I did it?
Head over to the Old Favourites Blog, become a follower, place an order for some twine and ... as they say in the movies... all will be revealed... Whoa haa haa haaa (thats an evil laugh..)
Till next time sports fans... stay cool
Mad Mel


My eldest boy went to camp yesterday with school.
He was so excited and very nervous as to what was going to happen. He had so many questions and uncertainties as to what to wear when, what if he doesn't like the food... what if he gets left behind... or lost. He has never stayed anywhere without me before.
They had to be at school by 7:30am, he was up at 6:30 and fully ready by 6:35, we literally live 1 house away from his school.
I was so worried for him too - what if he gets cold at night, what if he is scared at night, what if his shoes get wet and he has no others?? Just Mum things to worry about but I feel lost, as if I have lost an arm or that feeling when you cant find your credit card at the shops. Watching him go on the bus, worried if he will be OK - I know he will be looked after but the teachers don't love him like we do.
Its hard to have the umbilical cord severed like that after 8 years, you realise how much you actually do for your child.
But watching the excitement on his little face as he frantically waved goodbye to me from the bus and chatted with his mates makes me excited for him as well. He will have the best time.
Cant believe how much I miss him though

Monday, November 15, 2010

yummy cupcakes for sale

Yummmmm... feel like a cupcake?
I have been busy baking up these tasty treats for you all (literally!!!)

In two scrummy flavours .... strawberry and strawberry cream swirl. Soon available in lemon and lemon swirl
Flat backed to be stickable onto your cards and layouts for more versatility. A cute little addition to any page or card or birthday invitation....
Available in packs of 3 for $1.95
and these mini sweet little flowers.... awwww. They are available for $1:00 for a four pack.

Leave a message with your email address if you would like some and I will contact you with the total and postage prices!!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

a sneek peek

Never fear blog stalkers..... I have been VERY busy crafting it up over here in my cyber spot.... But my lips are sealed and I cant tell you any more than that....
Here is something to tease you with in the meantime....

And one of my resin brad flowers.... lots of colours available, contact me if you want the details....

Whaaaa ha ha... (thats a wicked laugh....)

More of my resin brad flowers and other goodies really soon..... for details just ask me in the comments and leave me your email if you like :)

Wednesday, November 10, 2010


OK - So now I am finally able to tell you my big news....
I am one of the new candy stripes for lollipop ladies!!!!!!

Yep.... I can proudly display this badge on my blog ..... and I am having a t-shirt made and my car is getting resprayed with this logo on 3 panels too..... hope Anthony will like it....
congrats also to Andrea and Michelle too and also to Mel H and Chantelle, Marcia and Sammi for returning. Pop on over and look at the clever little cards and lolly jars the girls have created.
So our first project was to be inspired by this yummy jar of Jellybeans and add some gloss...
Here is my LO - lots of jellybean colours and gloss on my apple and black flower (which is hard to see) and I also added glimmermist... but you cant see that too well either but it looks awesome IRL!!! And of course this cute little man doing what he does best.... draw...

And of course some close ups..... Thanks so much to Marcia and Sammi for asking me to join the team ... and for the inspiration of all the yummy sweets that is adding to my scrappers spread, see I had to eat a packet of jellybeans while creating this LO for inspiration. ... no itty bitty yellow polka dot bikini this summer... :(
And just as a side note - my little princess is at "big school" today for orientation... its so quiet here this morning.... I kind of miss her but that will soon change as soon as she starts whinging for food.....

Monday, November 8, 2010

One for the girls.... with purple!!!!!

Have I told you all yet about how much fun I am having with my Vintage Paper Pack available from Old Favourites????
Well... I think this Lo shows just how much fun I am having.
This is one of my fave photos of my princess and I love how this LO just "evolved" into a very pretty page using the vintage book pages with a bit of a mist to give them colour ... speaking of colour... yes I did use purple..... but how pretty is it with the aqua!!!
Featured here from the vintage paper pack is the book and music pages, the cute little library card, the vintage bingo ticket, the red ticket wrapped in twine, scalloped music sheet and of course the yummy twine.
So this whole page came together without any patterned paper at all!!!
And I still have plenty left to play with!!

and some gorgeous doilies thanks to my sister... with the bakers twine and a purple bingo card ( because it matched the twine...)

and more swirly twine and butterflies punched from the book pages and the sweet little library card

do pop over to Old Favourites for a vintage paper pack and some yummy twine in lots of different colours... you will be glad you did!!
Thanks for visiting the zoo, I hope you have enjoyed your stay...
Thankyou to all that leave comments too, I do read them all, its like the postie delivering little messages all day.

Friday, November 5, 2010

award ceremony.... formal attire required..

Please take your seats, bit of quiet please ... you Miss Turner - a bit of decorum please! what would your mother say .... honestly...

lights dimming... hush ... curtains opening to reveal moi, looking statuesque in a Vera Wang Dress I stole off the size 14 girl I just hit on the back of the head in the toilets ..(she'll be ok...)

Look what I got!!! Thanks to Jas for nominating me for a blog award... I am a serial blogger (and blog stalker) so is she trying to say something ??? So the rules are

1 Thank the person who awarded you...

I would like to thank Mrs Jasmine Treasure Shea..... ( with a curtsy ... wobble...hand gesture.... clap..... wipe the tear away ...)

2. Post the award with pride on you blog.

Done ... any bigger and it goes kind of fuzzy... I think that's proud enough ... and a small one to print out... cut out ... dimensional magic and a pin on the back to stick on my t-shirt .... a new brooch!!! NOW THAT'S PRIDE!!!

3. list 3 things I love about myself ...

Only three... OMG where to start .... to narrow it down to only three is a hard job ....
ok ....
1. I love my resilience and my ability to laugh at myself ... even when everyone else is laughing at me.... {see answer 3}
2. I love the fact that I have a wonderful family I am proud of; and extended families who are all close and supportive .... {drop head for drama...wipe tear again for effect....look up and smile bravely....}
3. I love that I cant dance or sing or act and will never be a model - not even a plus size model .... but I can still dream and apply for Australian Idol, Australias Next Top Model {I call it ANTM for short now..}, So You Think You Can Dance ... and get rejected and laughed at by the bouncer ( Spiros, hi), and the car park attendant (HI Gary!!!...) and try again next year ... one day .... one day.....

Post a picture you love...
Well... I couldn't find one of myself ... so this one is it. Because they are what I live for... (pause for effect ... wipe tear away...wait for applause)

5 Tag 5 other people for this award....





And now for this one!!!

Noelene Fairwhether - who's the fastest scrapper in the west ( or the south) has work all over cyber space - she is a very competitive little person and puts her hand up for any of the challenges on all the sites I visit. When I surf the sites, sure enough, there is Noel's happy face staring back at me from cyber world. I would love to see all her albums ... seriously, the girl would have millions of LO's up her sleeve by now and so her albums must fill a bookcase!!

So... thankyou Noel's for sending me this...
I know ... I must be pretty awesome to receive 2 awards in a row!!! another one to cut up and turn into a brooch for my t-shirt...

So now I need to tell you 10 things about myself you may not know....

1 I don't like the colour purple - avoid it everywhere - even for my daughter... wont even buy a 7 pack of undies for my DD if it has a purple pair in there, I have been known to open packets and swap the purple ones for another colour in another packet... (shh)

2 I cant and shouldn't dance and I cant and shouldn't sing...ever

3. I love to 'wow' people with trivial facts I learn from my 'libra' wrappers each month- people think I am well read... well for a couple of days a month anyway....

4 I cant and shouldn't act

5 I am an absolute dag

6 I love to cook but hate my oven with a passion

7 I will soon be homeless if I don't buy a house soon

8 I have MS

9 I have been married for 10 years on the 25th of this month ( lets see if he remembers....)

10 I don't drive ( this seems to worry everyone else more than me...)

Now for the 10 blogger to pass this onto

In no particular order either....{ open the envelope... smile and slight giggle for effect.... cue music...}And the awards go to....


Mel H


Shell - the naughty one...


Leanne J

The other Shell - the nice one....

Ebony "the master" van der Starre ( yes she makes me call her that...)

Jas - or I get a slapping.... she can be like that...

and......... hmmm.... Sam. because she is my new boss.....

ok all done and quiet...

that's alot of awards for one day.... hope I haven't left anyone out - I'm sure I have but you know I love you's all....


Drinks and canapes bought from the freezer at Coles available in the foyer...at a price.... Miss Turner... please remember you are a lady .... do I need to speak to you again....

Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love my postie

I love my postie.... its really not a secret... just don't tell my husband....
But ... look what he delivered yesterday!!
This gorgeous brooch from the gorgeous Rosie from Notions... Just look at that packaging!!! This is how it was wrapped up - and when my daughter saw it {who had come to see what all the excitement was about - and to see if the postie had anything for her...}
she said "wow mum... you are the luckiest Mum in the whole wide world... its just beautiful!! Is it your birthday too??"
and I hadn't even unwrapped it!!! She just loved the parcel!
Thanks so much Rosie - hope you are enjoying your break!!

As you were....

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

New Kits available in store...

Yep - that's right!! Feast your little peepers on this gorgeous kit for the man in your lives... and since its my Hubby's birthday today, I thought I had better feature it today.... (hee hee)
Available now from the Old Favourites shop
I always struggle to find embellies for a male page {they are boring to buy presents for too} but this pack will make it an easy task - lots of cool vintage pieces, funky contemporary chipboard dude to poke brads through (oh.... did I say that??) and lots of funky trims to finish your LO off perfectly including a custom bottle cap from LRR exclusively made for Old Favourites!!!
Head on over to the store to grab your for the boys pack... as if we don't do enough for them already....

OLD FAVOURITES LAYOUT - and happy b'day!

Well .... here it is girls, my first LO for Old Favourites Design Team.... and boy did I have fun!!
I really love the way this LO turned out - kind of funky grunge I think I'll call it!!
It actually came together quite quickly as EVERYTHING I needed was in the vintage paper pack from the Old Favourites shop .. as well as a few little extras and the title and plenty left over for other LO's.
I needed alot of help with the title, but thanks to Ebony... she came up with this idea that I loved!! Thanks to the other girls to for their advice too. Here is a close up of a VERY funky vintage soda label, the bingo card and some twine.
and a little sneek for the next Old Favourites layout ... this is a girly one .... and yes peeps, I have used purple .... I know I said never .... but it kind of looks pretty on this LO and Sam sent it to me so I kind of had to use it ... its pretty ... you will see soon enough... and it went perfect with the aqua.... ok enough excuses, I am still avoiding purple though....

And I had better put in a very Happy Birthday to my gorgeous HUBBY - hope you have a great day and I love you heeeeeps.
And so now I am off to the hairdressers, my little princess threw an absolute banana this morning because she couldn't find the right accessories to wear to take her brothers to school and so missed out on walking to school to drop them off - so I put her to bed for being silly .... so she decided to cut her hair!! Her beautiful curls, right from the front, so now she needs a fringe. Apparently it just fell off - even though there was hair on her bed and scissors in her makeup case - well this must happen....... Hmmm, not happy!!
Ironically - I nearly finished a LO last night about her gorgeous hair...... at least now I have an embellishment for the LO!!!!