Saturday, February 18, 2012


Can someone tell these kids we have a lounge to play DS in....

 All squashed up in the garage to play DS...well at least they are outside...ish...

Friday, February 10, 2012

I have received this lovely blog award from the gorgeous Kerri Smith! We have been stalking eachother for years and she is a great fun friend. Her blog is always inspirational so make sure you go over and check it and out and her gorgeous work here

For receiving this award I must pass it on too 5 other lovely bloggers who have 200 followers or less!
I have chosen to give this to…..
Jasmine Shea - my besty who I began all this scrappin' stuff with... your fault the bank balance suffers!! Im sure you all know her well but she is here if you dont
The beautiful Becci - always so gorgeous and graciuos and full of support - find her here
Gorgeous and talented Marcia Marcia Marcia here
Cheeky little Soupie - we share a birthday and a love of a good drop - Here
and lastly the always gorgeous and super douper talented Flis..love her, and her cute little men... she just scraped in at under 200 followers - but find her here

Thanks again for your award Kerri
Go and spread the love girls... 5 more each 200 followers or less
go... off you go...nothing more to read here...

Thursday, February 9, 2012


OK GIRLS (and boys too - I wont judge...) 


Up for grabs for you all is this cute girly collection of clips in soft pinks and lavender - all 3 can be quickly attached

 to the baby pink soft headband to change your look in five seconds. 

And because a girl cant always decide on her wardrobe.. a crisp white

headband on a soft satin ruffled band that will go with any outfit...

This little set of girly goodies has the capacity to turn any bad hair day into a

fabulous hair day. Promise.


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Just re post this giveaway on your blog and leave a comment

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love you all lots


Friday, November 11, 2011

Doors open....

MIMOKO is finally up and running....
The workmen have left the building after construction (I will miss them...) and so its now ready for viewing
Head on over for a looksie!!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Fabric Traders giveaway...

sooo, I love paper... but I love fabric just as much.
I use paper for my scrapping of course, and the fabric?? well most of the time I buy it and just look at it... sometimes its just too pretty to cut up... but once I do and use it in a quilt I am so happy with the results...

I have been a fan of Simone and Jodys' blog for a long time, and now they have released an online store that my little credit card is going to get a workout from right here

They are also doing a giveaway where you had to pick your fav fabric from the new store...OK so this sounds easy right?
Thats what I thought about an hour ago... drooling on the keyboard at all the gorgeous fabrics... yep thats my fav...no hang on this one...oh but look at that one... sooooo many to choose from..

 But I chose this one.. cute little elephants...crisp and clean but oh so cuuuute. I have the perfect little spot for these dudes to sit... once I turn them into a cushion...hope they dont mind...
Ele Cozy Pink by Premier Prints

go check it out!!

Friday, November 4, 2011


Thanks to my friend, the gorgeous and very talented Domina, Mimoko Hair Accessories is now on facebook.... I know .... its about time I got onto facebook ...blah blah blah.... still got a box telly... blah blah..hippy ....WHATEVER.... I ... well Domina...did it!!!

 See that little icon thingo over there >>>>>
yep.. thats the link to my Facebook sight....
 Go over here and have a little looksie.. and if you are on facebook, dont forget to like my page ... because I love ya!!
here is a taste of what there is.....

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If you want to be in the running to win this awesome giveaway please see Leanne here
and be sure to head over here and check out her shop full of yumminess!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011


the gorgeous J Mac is doing a giveaway from her brand new store Rainbows and Whimsy.
Check out these gorgeous hair accessories.
to be in the running to win one of 3 cool prizes... head over here!!!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Amanda has done it again.... Being surrounded by all her boys...six..yep six of them.... imagine feeding six boys!! Don't worry... she manages quite well by locking herself in her little scrap room to create masterpieces and then throwing out some food every now and then to let them fight over it and to keep them from gnawing through the door to leave her to create...I know that is what happens because how else could she do soooo many LO's??  survival of the fittest over at her abode... anyway back to the point..... she has created this pinker than pink stunning LO of herself as a child full of flowers and butterflies and lots of my goodies featured here. Such a pretty LO Amanda - Thanks so much!!!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

sending out my love

One of the best thing about this craft is all the amazing friends you make.
You may not ever get the privilege to meet them in the flesh, share a drink and a giggle, but they still let you into their lives and you into your own.. still get to have a laugh and even a cry...
 Well I have cried today after reading Nadia's post...
 Just want you to know Nadia that I am sending all my love and support to you and your gorgeous family and hope you find strength... I am so sorry for you heartbreaking loss... I wish there was something more I could do.

Friday, October 7, 2011

The gorgeous Ali has been another one of my bloggian friends for a few years now... ALWAYS cracking me up with her comments and her blog entries are good for a laugh!!
She is another of those speedy scrappers, her blog always full to the brim of eye candy in all her layouts.
 Ali has featured some of my goodies from ZZ Shop in her layouts.

This one is stunning. Please go here for all the juicy details..

And this one too - wow Ali - out did yourself again!!
 I love this paper range - the colours are amazing...
Click here to see all the gorgeous details behind this layout....
See... told you she was a quick scrapper..

thanks Ali

Thursday, October 6, 2011

ZZ Shop showcase.....

Just wanted to share with you this amazing layout which was created by one of my bestest Bloggy Pals Amanda Taylor - she emailed me to let me know her goodies had arrived and literally 30 minutes later... this beautiful page was in my in box. Seriously - I don't know how she does it - Im sure you all know her well as she is on EVERY challenge site I go on.. popping her little face out.
She was kind enough to use my products on this LO - you can see the raffia daisies in the top left, the ribbon rosettes down near the bottom right corner and my new - yet to be released - fluffy flower is the blue one there too.

 Such a gorgeous page - be sure to go over to her blog and check out her pages and say hi!!

and by the way - ZZ Top are not an "OLD BAND"... I still rock out with them while I vacuum ... but you are the only one who has picked up on that Amanda!!!

Rock on girls

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

ZZ shop ... new products

ZZ shop has just reopened its doors again with new products ready for the summer .... a summer collection if you want to be posh...
 Please leave all school bags at the counter and any damages must be paid for... and please don't feed the resident animals ... even if they beg...
Within Australia, postage is usually $0.60c AUD for 1 set and $1.20AUD for 2 or more within Australia. I don't plan to make money on postage so you will be charged the price it costs me!!!
Payment is by DD.
To order please leave contact details {email} in the comments and I will contact you with confirmation and payment details. Orders will be filled in the order they are received.
As usual my bottlecaps and resin embellies have resurfaced...

Ribbon Rosettes
... perfect for girly pages and adding that extra bit of prettiness....(yes its a word... I know because I just made it up...)
they measure approximately 2 cm across and are flat bottomed with or without moss coloured "leaves" ready for you to glue to your projects.
 They come in packs of 3 for $2.00

Limited seascape colours in Aqua
                                                  Sea foam

 Ivory - one shown with a "leaf"
 and  Candy
 Raffia Daisies
Just in time for summer in shades that scream sunshine.
these are the packs I have available but others are in the production line and will be available in similar colours and shapes.
 Each flower is slightly different but measure roughly 3.5cm diameter
Pack of 4 for $3.50

Pack 1
 Pack 2
 Pack 3
 Pack 4

pack 5  SOLD OUT!!
 Pack 6
  and for those of us who love a bit of vintage...
these gorgeous vintage pendants. Antique bronze and topped with a stunning floral button in all vintage shades. Colours will be chosen at random but I can accommodate if you suck up enough....
 These are $1.25 each and are flat bottomed and ready for you to attach with double sided tape or your favourite glue.

There are a few more little goodies in the pipe line that management have under wraps and will be releasing shortly... (in other words... I forgot to photograph them....)
Keep your peepers open for them and other surprises in the next few days....

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Rockin' one for Scrap The Boys

Hididly Ho Neighbourinos
Just popping in with a share on a LO I did last night for Scrap the Boys
This month we had to do a LO using household and personal ephemera {love that word...}

Well.... my hubby has been bugging me to do a LO about him...again.... so here is one...
I have had these concert tickets for ever... Alternative Nations Rock Concert from 1995, Chilli Peppers from 1996, Tool from 1997 and Pearl Jam from 1998... and they were all priced around $50.. these days you have to remortgage your house to go to a rock concert...Likin Park was over $100 and Metallica... well I am still paying that off...
 And before you mention it in the comments... yes I am aware I have a HUGE PHALLIC SYMBOL on my page.... but I have had this Tool sicker I bought at the concert since 1997 and never wanted to put it on a car or anything as then it would be lost forever... ahh gotta love scrapbooking!!!

So here it is....

 Close up of my ticket pocket....
 And the tickets.....
 And another of Mr Sexy and his amazing hair....
 And the Lay-ers... {said like "donkey" from Shrek...}

Ok....Anth is waiting in the bathroom for me to shave his head... Better run!!


Friday, September 9, 2011

a stitch in a looooong time

Hi everyone...
I know I know... its been a while since I have scrapped but we have all been sick AGAIN!!!
so over it so last night I stayed up until the wee hours of the night and scrapped this one for Kraft It Up which required us to use fabric and stitching on our layouts..
I must say I went a bit overboard with the criteria, but I love how this turned out.
 And some close ups.
Lots and lots of layers in this layout (oh.... so you have layers "onion boy".... (sorry but if you know Shrek you will understand...))

first, this gorgeous fabric doilie ( yep - fabric)
and my fabric covered button which I have cross stitched this floral design into (uh huh... fabric AND stitching in one...)
and of course my fave bakers twine from here stitched onto the page...
oh and can you see the cross stitched fabric square here that is all around my bottom layer?? Told you I was up all night....
 and a closey of another handmade fabric flower and another fabric doily..
and I hand crochet-ded this all by myself!! I crochet-ded it on lace.. and yep it has lots of holes but I am pretty proud of myself... and yep it took me hours.... and double yep... crochet-ded is the action of crocheting

 more fabric loveliness

 and even  more
and so now I am going to take my poor little fingers up to bed...

thanks for leaving comments too on the previous LO big fella did.. he was so rapt to see people responding to his post... amazed actually. You made one little boy happy .Thanks for the support, it means alot!!