Thursday, November 4, 2010

I love my postie

I love my postie.... its really not a secret... just don't tell my husband....
But ... look what he delivered yesterday!!
This gorgeous brooch from the gorgeous Rosie from Notions... Just look at that packaging!!! This is how it was wrapped up - and when my daughter saw it {who had come to see what all the excitement was about - and to see if the postie had anything for her...}
she said "wow mum... you are the luckiest Mum in the whole wide world... its just beautiful!! Is it your birthday too??"
and I hadn't even unwrapped it!!! She just loved the parcel!
Thanks so much Rosie - hope you are enjoying your break!!

As you were....


  1. Hi Mel :) It is quite lovely to "meet" you :) thanks so much for stopping by and your super sweet comments. Glad you stopped by BECAUSE I can now bookmark your blog and come visit again :) Love Rosie's creations, seen them in person at a local market, and hope to ONE DAY buy something :)

  2. wow how lovely, i love how it was wrapped too

  3. How cool is that wrapping!!! Don't ya just ADORE getting parcels in the post.....thanks for your super duper comments on my blog....you are one AWESOME gal : ) Love and Peace xox

  4. I agree, a VERY gorgeous parcel. I just love my postie too (well the parcel one anyway), poor man almost got knocked over on Monday when he arrived with 2 parcels...and that was by me, not my DD! LOL XXX

  5. Cuuuuute. You are banned, you know that!! I am taking your credit card away. You need to start bringing these to school for show and tell dear.
    Pop over to my blog for a little something for you.

  6. To Jas - I actually won this in a giveaway - please dont take away my credit card.... it is my life force!!
    Ohhh.... more goodies on you blog eh?? - off i go...