ZZ-Shop - Resin shapes

Ladybugs on pins
{well.... he was misbehaving....} are $1.50 each and are 4.5cm (roughly) high but the bug is 1.5cm diameter

  • Caterpillars {screamapillar because they have ears???} are L2.75 x H1.5cm and $1.50 each
  • Daisies - little black one near the icecream smiling nicely - are about 1cm diam and are $1 each
  • Butterflies - L2cm x H1.25 and are $1 each
  • Flat yellow Daisy - 2 cm diam. are $1.50 each

  • Apples - {2x2cm} $1.50 each
 Ice creams - $1.50 each {L1.5 x H2.5cm} 

  •  Gingy {H 1.75 x w 2cm} 2 for $1
  • Big cuppy cakes $1.30 each {2x2 cm}

  • Swallows $1.20 each {3cm wing to wing and 2.5 beak to tail}

  • The plane..the plane... $1.20 each { L2 x H2.5 cm}

  • Strawberries $1.20 each {1.5cm diam.}

  • Because each of these are handmade, some slight imperfections in shape and colour are to be expected.
  • They are not toys and so should be kept well away from children, my husband and irresponsible adults as they are a choking hazard.
  • Please also be wary that they are not acid free so don't place them directly on precious photos. They are however, non-toxic.
  • Postage within Australia is $1.20 for up to 3 items and .40c for each items after that.
  • Payment is by DD.
  • To order please leave contact details {email} in the comments and I will contact you