Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new clothes, sweet treats and lost teeth...

Yep that is what my holidays have been filled with.

In the coming months we have 1 wedding, 2 engagements, 6 birthday functions... Anth has business nights out... oh when it rains it pours!! Not one social event for months then every single weekend for over a month is choc-a-block!! So popular LOL.

So we have been enjoying a lazy school holidays before the rush of not doing much at all, not that the weather has permitted us to do anything anyway!!

Yesterday I made this little skirt for Little Miss out of an old pair of jeans. I think mummy is having scrap withdrawals. Her favourite denim skirt split *tears* because it was too tight (size 2 for a nearly 5 year old..)
Think it turned out quite cute but there will be NO tree climbing in this.... Mummy made it so it could fall apart!!Mr Big lost his first molar.... very very excited about that!!
which had nothing to do with this snack which was made while fully unsupervised in the kitchen... can you see the little nibble out of the marshmallow... little Miss couldn't wait while the boys' had their creations photographed...
So.. how do you entertain the masses???
Back soon with some more LO's

Saturday, September 25, 2010

go on get picky!!

Want to win this RAK?? Go here to find out how. Tanya and Nikki are launching their new challenge site on October 15th. Multi photo layouts are the theme - time to dust off the photo albums and get scrappin'

Friday, September 24, 2010

Challenge Heaven

The theme challenge this month at Challenge Heaven was to scrap about yourself. I kind of cheated - well not really, this LO is about me.
I found this photo recently and had to show it to my sister. This dress was known to us as the "pretty dress". It was the most amazing dress we had ever seen and we both loved it. It even was a spinning dress!! This photo was taken at someones wedding but it soon became the "party dress".

Remember when parties used to be in the back yard, pass the parcel only had ONE prize in the middle and musical chairs had only one winner and we used to come home not winning a prize but... we got over it. These days every child needs to win a prize and there is no sense of disappointment and lolly bags have to also have a present tucked inside.

Well this dress went to those parties, and I'm not a fast runner, no hand eye coordination so yes - no extra prizes for me... but funny enough I did win the chocolate eating race at Nathan Grants party. Not much has changed there.

These days parties are held at venues with slides we only saw at the royal show and so party dresses are not appropriate... not that my little miss would wear one anyway... cant climb trees in dresses...

here is my LO dedicated to the "pretty dress." I dug down deep into my paper stash and pulled out these old BG papers, some lovely sweet vintage pretties and a gorgeous transparency butterfly...And a close up of my peonies because life wouldn't be the same without close ups...
thanks for visiting the zoo. Validate your pass by letting me know you were here.
Mel xx

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Making Whoopie....

Mark my words.. these little guys are going to give the cupcake craze a run for their money.
Thats right girls, you heard it here first.
Meet the whoopie pie... the ugly step sister to the cupcake. I have been making these with the kids this morning and they are delicious!!!
They are a cross between a cupcake and a biscuit and originated in the 1920's in USA by the Amish who used to pack them for their husbands so the icing didn't go everywhere... well except for these little guys. This one is a chocolate and walnut one... yummo They are super easy and quick to make and I even made these ones with the traditional pumpkin spice that the kids have demolished without knowing they had pumpkin... which by the way negates the sugar and fat because its a vegetable so its fat and sugar free ;).
Get in first before the craze starts so you can say..."oh Whoopie Pies, yeah, Ive been making them for ages..." (and flick your hair because you are a domestic goddess)
Here is the reci-pie. I like to use the scales while cooking so I don't have to wash all the little cup measure-thingos...

Spiced Pumpkin and cream cheese whoopie pies
280g plain flour
1/2 tspn bi carb
1 tspn each of cinnamon, ground ginger and baking powder
1/4 tspn each of ground cloves and star anise
1/2 tspn salt
200g brown sugar
115ml vegetable oil - I use rice bran oil because it has no taste but light olive oil is good too.
250g pumpkin puree
65ml milk
1 egg
preheat oven to 180 and line 2 oven trays
Sift all the flour, raising agents, spices and salt in a bowl making sure the raising agents are mixed in well.
In a separate bowl, add the sugar, oil, pumpkin and milk until smooth. Add the egg and whisk to combine. Now slowly add the dry ingredients and mix to combine well. Place in fridge for half an hour - lick the beaters well.
Make the filling while you wait...
Drop 18 large or 48 small scoops of batter, 5 cm apart onto the trays.
Lick the bowl.
bake in the middle of the oven for 10-12 mins for large ones and 8-10 mins for the small ones until the cakes are left with an impression when you poke them with your finger.
Let them cool before you try one as it hurts your mouth...
Cream Cheese Filling..
300g icing sugar - sifted
55g butter
115g philli cheese
1/2 tspn vanilla (I use Queen brand paste which makes it look pretty with the seeds)
1 tspn maple syrup (just the cheap stuff is ok here)
beat the butter until pale, add the cream cheese scraping down the side until combined. Add the sifted sugar gradually until it becomes fluffy and add the maple syrup and vanilla and mix well.
Spread the filling on one cooled whoopie and top with another to sandwich it - sample one to make sure its ok ... maybe another to double check... eat that wonky one so no one sees it... lick the filling from that one.. well now that you licked it you have to eat it now... that one looks tasty so eat that one... dust with icing sugar if you like... now they look good enough to eat so eat one... check that the icing sugar is ok by eating one... start making a new batch ... lick any remaining bowls.
there - domestic goddessness easily done...
Time to work on my scrappers spread which has nothing to do with too many cakes...
Ok - kids are on a sugar high - gotta go...

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The first time

I look forward to the challenges released each month but I find myself "planning" the layouts in my head for a while, then another night is spent finding all the "bits" for my layout then one or two nights spent putting it all together.
I really need to let go and just do it don't I? Just get the story told while its still in my head before its gone forever.
My children love hearing stories about what they did when they were babies. Unfortunately I didn't start scrapping until my daughter was about 9 months old - so my photos aren't what I feel, "scrapbook worthy."
You know the photos I mean. Candid and perfectly composed with filtered light and uncluttered backgrounds. Nope - mine are the photos with shadows over faces, cluttered toys and washing in the background, dirty t-shirts... but then I look at my childhood albums and those of my brothers and sisters and love looking at all the clutter in the background... my dog tending to her puppies, the toys we used to play with, the labels on food containers and all the memories start to flood right back. I really need to just let go and just capture the moments that are important...
So, here is a layout I have been wanting to do for a long time. So thanks to Scrap the Girls with the challenge this month on new beginnings or firsts..

This is my daughters first photo. I remember this day we also found out we were having a girl.. but we didn't get it confirmed by another more experienced doctor so after 2 boys, we didn't get too excited. Secretly I desperately wanted a girl to be able to dress up and play tea sets with... yeah well I got the girl but no dress ups and tea sets... she is a right tom boy, but I love that about her. I used some of my pretty shabby door and MME papers, and some lace from my sister and a sewing pattern paper I went over with paint and glimmermisted (not that you can tell)
I also used this gorgeous trim from my friend Gwenda thanks!! and one of my doilies topped with a Y sweet vintage rolled rose and a vintage frame with more sweet vintage goodies

and here is one of my embroidered buttons for a bit of prettiness.... thanks to my MIL
Thanks for coming for a visit the zoo... please let me know you were here..
mad mel xx

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Moose and Bird giveaway

I am a huge fan of Moose and Bird ... love all the vintage fabrics and the pretty cushions and the eye-candy and these cute little cushions. Well if you head over here - you could win one.. but dont try too hard.. because I just love them...

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lollipop Ladies lucious layout

The lovely ladies at lollipop ladies have gone all out and tempted us with these scrummy gelatis in these gorgeous colours .... oh yum...
Remember as kids on a hot day it was music to your ears, (literally) when you were out side playing under the sprinkler, pulling bindis out of your feet with no sunscreen or hats, when you could hear in the distant streets the first tinkle of the ice cream van's Greensleeves music... racing inside and begging Mum to rustle up any spare coins quickly as you scrambled back outside in your thongs (as in footwear!!!), running down the street chasing the ice cream van, tripping over in your thongs (footwear again girls...) and scraping your knee but knowing if you didn't keep running you would miss out.... and only stopping to cry and mop up the dirt and blood off your knee once that cool ice cream was in your hand.... and you could use the sticky napkin wrapped around the cone to wipe your knee... slowly walking back home (or limping) with the cool sticky bright coloured goo dripping down your arm.... ah... those were the days .... so with those thoughts in mind... I created this LO for the girls as a GUEST CANDY STRIPER! Thanks Girls!!
I used all the pretty soft colours I could find and found this cute BG ice cream one in my stash.. More BG papers, some cute vintage cards and trims from a kit from WIOIN, some Ysweet vintage doilies and some of my own and one of my own flowers - that kind of looked like ice cream.... oh... and a sticker I stole from my daughters sticker sheet (shhh)
cant believe there aren't any close ups.... not like me.... must be this pain coming from my scraped knee!
Lastly - thanks to all you girls who stop by and leave lovely (and sometimes strange and amusing..) comments here ... they always make my day :)

Gotta go find a band-aid... :( and a Mr Whippy van... and takeoff these thongs... FOOTWEAR!!
See ya.. please leave a comment... I am begging...

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Finally - a CH layout!!!

Well - I did it!! Here is my proof of life layout for Challenge Heaven - no Ali, no dated paper!!
So this is just to prove to all the girls that I am still around.
This is the number challenge, 1 photo, 2 ribbons (velvet ribbon under the photo), 3 PP's and a 4 word title - which I am not too crazy about but its 4 words, and hubby suggested something about "bubble boy" so mine is much better!!
Love the way the sun has caught the drip on his wand.. dont know if you can see that. I love the way kids can get so caught up in blowing bubbles and chasing them always squealing with delight, and then trying to get that big bubble that always seems to pop as soon as an onlooker looks over ... and it was SOOOO big. Ahh, the simple pleasures of soapy water...
And here is a close up of my handmade epoxy brad and sweet vintage yo yo flower Y doilie and circle doilie my MIL made for me and because you know I love my macro button..
Thats all from the zoo, going out to enjoy the sunshine (yay)...
Till next time....

Sunday, September 12, 2010

KIU Layout for September

The girls at Kraft It Up threw me this month with a picture to be used as the inspiration for September.. my first thought was "what the????"
Then I relaxed and took a good look at the picture and pulled it apart until I came up with this...
I dug out some REALLY old KC paper that the doona cover inspired me to use and some BG. My son was holding a ball and wearing the perfect clothes for the stripes and red.. the paint on the cardstock was for the wood panelled walls, yellow for the megablock, coloured buntings for the buntings (??)

this mesh was for the mesh rail carrier on the wall and the silver eyelet was for the metal pail.. stars...

an epoxy paperclip I made with some green...

some more yellow, some more stars and a bit of red and another handmade epoxy paperclip!! Love this one... for the ball on the pin board..
Loved this challenge once I relaxed and thought about it.
And yes... I have changed the background on my blog again... still not happy with the header.. Well it is spring, doesn't everything change in spring???? I know my waistline changed during winter, if anyone finds it, can they return it please. I love muffins, but not muffin tops!
Thanks for visiting the zoo!!

Saturday, September 11, 2010


And I blame Shell Turner from Challenge Heaven!!
Its all her fault!
Changing blog backgrounds was meant to be easy...Shell sent me an email to tell me she had found some cute animal blog backgrounds that would suit my "Zoo"... so over I went and loaded them up... yep.. cute.. then I thought ... hmmm... what else is out there?? A new look for spring and all.
Yeah well now its nearly midnight, and after about 13 background changes... then trying to work out how to type in the header... then load it... well... its staying like this!!!
I know its busy and hurts your eyes but if you squint and tilt your head to one side it doesnt hurt so much.
It will change again very soon - there are SOOOO many cute designs out there.
Yeah ... Thanks Shell!!

Thursday, September 9, 2010


Over at Scrap the boys, the challenge this month was made for me. Only days before this little man had asked me to do a page for him about his name. So when I read the new challenge for the month was to design a page about a boys nickname.. I laughed and thought - how perfect!!
This is what I came up with... Complete with a hidden journal pocket envelope from "Old Favourites" that contains the origin of his nickname - Jinx
Not that he is a Jinx at all - its just his name!! He has had the name since he was born and it has just stuck. He even wants his name to be changed to Jinx... I'm not that cruel.
I have used OA papers, shipping tags, BG stickers and cardstock, Old favourites envelope and twine, Pretty Little Studio journal ticket, masking tape, tim holtz ink, playing card and paper pattern...
And..... check out my funky flower I made!! I think it looks pretty cute!!
Thanks for coming for a visit... leave a comment, it always makes my day!!

Happy Birthday Nanna!!!

Hi MUM!!!!
Just a little photo for you to wish you a very happy birthday for where ever you are!!
We hope you have a great day and I will have a drink for you tonight!!
Hope you get spoilt!! Oh - and the upside down Happy was NOT on purpose - she held it that way - I just thought it was cute!!
Lots of love Me, Him and all of them.

Monday, September 6, 2010

lollipop layouts

Lolipop Ladies this fortnight tempted us with an image of lollipops.
Anyone who knows me well knows I always have a cream chuppa chup in my bag for lifes emergencies like a whinging 4 year old girl with curly hair and deep brown eyes calling me "BUTTMUMMY" or when mummys blood sugar gets low and she gets a bit loopy - yes I blame the blood sugar for that!!!
Not sure if I am entirely happy with this - but here is my LO.
I was inspired by the colours of lollipops and the shape - circles and the ruffled wrappers... and the loopy loops are for how I feel before a lollipop....This photo of my DD was taken before she could talk and when she was cute, she went through the swimming bag and found a lollipop given to the boys as a reward for good swimming. She would not give it back and I'm not sure if you can see the drool on her top - but I'd say she loved it!! Now she takes after her Mumma and I have to find better hiding spots.
We had to use Cellophane or acetate on our LO too. I didn't have any cellophane so I tried making a shrinky dink out of the wrapper and the bag - it didn't work - Mr Muscle had to scrub really hard to get the melted plastic off the oven and the smell was atrocious!! So I HAD to unwrap - and eat - another lollipop to make a wrapper covered button ... very cute and not so easy as it kept ripping - so I had to open, and eat alot of lollipops.

Close up of my ribbon ruffles because I found the macro button on my camera...
Lastly - can I just say a BIG thankyou to all those girls who have left lovely comments for me of support and congrats on the selling of our house. It is such a big deal and now I fully understand just how stressful it all is.
Also thanks to Jas for taking photos for me throughout the auction and risking the fact that people thought you were weird!! Your turn this weekend!!

Sunday, September 5, 2010


As my little Miss said - "I cant believe somebody like-ded our house...FINALLY!!!" - yeah... right in front of the new owners!!!
So yes - we did sell on Saturday and I am so relieved. I am hanging up my Spray and Wipe and Windex .... returning it to the back of the laundry cupboard to gather dust again... out of the cupboard came the hidden washing baskets , ... out came the toy box from the cubby house, and the daggy bean bags, ... now my house is how I remember ... with everything "displayed" on the floor for easy finding.. now I am too scared to look under the couches... may find a new species of living life form.

Its nice to know we sold to a young family with a baby who intend to live here for a couple of years before demolishing and re building ... I'll give them 2 weeks before they demolish!!!

Its sad to be leaving too - great neighbours and an EXCELLENT location, 5 minutes from everything... but we have to get out of this shoe box! So now the hunt is on..

Have been busy with layouts too - have one ready to post tomorrow, so you will have to wait.

And finally - Happy Fathers Day to my Dad - for where ever you are. Hope you had a great day Dad and maybe today you were able to catch that Barra?? Yes.. the big one...

have a great week girls!!!

Friday, September 3, 2010

Sweet Sweet Life

I have had an exciting week....

Firstly - Marcia from the Lollipop Ladies has asked me to be a GUEST DESIGNER for September. I was so honoured with the offer and cant wait to reveal the next mouth watering inspiration. I promise you will want one.....

Secondly the gorgeous Jodie Butler from YSweet Vintage sent me a HUGE parcel of goodies for a prize I won on KIU. It was full of gorgeous doilies in every colour, cute mini bunting, buttons, rosettes, yo yo flowers and gorgeous paper hearts and paperclips... oh I was a VERY happy girl.
Thank you so much Jodie, I love everything and cant wait to use them on my LO.
Girls - you really have to visit her etsy shop (in the side bar) when its open again and have a look. I bet you will not be able to leave without a purchase!! Its gorgeous.

Just a quick one today... have a LO to share with you next time - going to finish it off now. Feeling sick about the auction tomorrow - hope we have made the right decision!!!!! Glad all the new challenges are out. so now I am off to create to take my mind off it all - have a great weekend everyone!!

Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm just doing a post to let you all know I am not doing a post today.
Too busy doing my last Thursday clean for our inspection tonight, then one more clean on Saturday for the Auction and .... then I can open the wardrobes and cupboards and let it all spill out.
Its not called messy, its just everything is out and you can see where everything is at once... all out on the floor ... that's OK.
Just one other thing, the blurb in the paper described my house as a "neat" weatherboard... SEE THAT DAD.... "NEAT". First time for everything... and it will be the last too....