Sunday, October 31, 2010


Been playing around with the goodies from this kit from Old Favourites..... stay tuned Here is a sneeky peeky....
Must go and scrub off the orange paint from the dining table and washing machine ( the favoured drying spot) and the pjamas from the Halloween posters made this morning while Anth and I had a sleep in .... seriously ... who leaves paint and 3 children unsupervised .....
You come back soon y'all

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need a laugh???

Click here
thanks Sam - filter is better than vaseline!!!
Gotta get me one of those actions!!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Recognise any of these beautiful products????
Yep - you guessed it -
they are all awesome products from Old Favourites Vintage Supplies.

Yeah ....well guess who is the first DTer ......


I swear I nearly fell off my chair when I received an email from Samantha asking me to join her and become the first ever Old Favourites design team member!!! Hubby acted excited - but had NO idea what I was jumping around for ...and in case you are wondering.. of course I said yes!
Cant wait to use this yummy bakers twine.... check out here for any colour you can think of you will get tied up thinking of which one to choose (sorry - REALLY bad joke..)

and add accents with these hat pins ..... maybe some for the Melbourne cup too.....

and you simply cant go wrong designing a LO, card or OTP item when you have everything you need in a cute little kit (look at that bunting!!!)

Thankyou so much Sam!! Cant wait to get started!!

So keep your peepers open on my blog ... and Old Favourites blog .... for some more yummy goodness ... a new kit coming soon, here is a sneeky peeky...
and hopefully some inspiration from me ... I will try my bestest :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Winner winner chicken dinner!!!

Look what I just won over at notions!! Thanks Rosie.

Do yourself a favour - and get Santa to go to her store and fill your stockings. And buy some of her goodies for friends too - perfect for those hard to buy for sister in laws and work colleagues.
She has THE most amazing beautiful vintage inspired little goodies

Hey - elf labour is really not fair anyway ....... they are only little.

cant wait to see it in real life!!!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

And the gift wrapping

Or more like ...... "Oh NO!!!! We forgot to but wrapping paper!!! Tissue paper to the rescue!!!
To stop my little princess from ripping her brothers apart ... she helped me to make these cute flowers for the top of the engagement gift..... pretty good for no wrapping paper!!

Creating Cards

I just finished making these cards and featured some of my handmade flowers!!
Think they look pretty good for a first attempt at card making!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
TFL Mad Mel :P

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A bit of SCAT for your Thursday!!!

Of the music variety I mean!!

click here to find out (because I cant work out how to link you tube!!!)

The little Princess and I have been gettin' down to this all morning....

I dare you not to dance!!

"tweet tweet tweet tweet tweetldy tweet....

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Scrapboutique challenge

Its been a while since I entered a challenge with Scrapboutique. This month the challenge was to scrap about what makes you proud - not kids and stuff - we had to dig deeper.
So I scrapped about the fact that I am proud that I can stand up and fight a disease I have no control over. I didn't add a photo as I dont think it needed one ... and I didn't have one as I am always behind the camera .. hee hee!!
This page was actually inspired by a very talented scrapper - Nadia thanks for the inspiration Nadia!!

TFL .... nuff said

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Strawberries and cream

Mmmm - who wouldn't be tempted by the latest offering from the Lollipop Ladies? Layers of strawberries and cream??
Which was the inspiration for this LO of my DD's first steps - I know the photos are not the best in terms of cropping, background set up blah blah blah but this was before I was a scrapper!!
We also had to include layers (which reminds me of the scene with Donkey in Shrek) *sorry*
Here is my interpretation....

And some close ups of my handmade flowers... and strawberries...and layers...

more strawberries, layers and a home made epoxy paperclip....

and layer upon layer upon layer....

Also... with October being Breast Cancer Awareness month, the beautiful Flis and Min are raising funds to help with research into this terrible disease that has touched so many of us... please head over here to help. By helping the girls, you could win one of six pink RAK's!!
Thanks for stopping by the zoo - any questions - just ask..:P

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shhhhh... please be quiet

*whispering in my best David Attenborough voice*
What you are witnessing here... is the very rare occurrence... of siblingus rivalrius... otherwise known as brother and sister.... sharing a box of toys.... without .... a single argument.... This... does not happen in nature ... alot.... so is very special..... and so .... I needed to record this ... to prove .... they can interact .... and even use manners... with each other ... OH!! .... I just witnessed ... something absolutely ... remarkable .... one asking if they could use a piece of the blocks... and the other agreeing... and passing it over.... sharing I believe... remarkable....this has been going on ... for almost an hour...absolutely remarkable...
I had asked for beds to be made and to get dressed ... no beds made and only one is dressed. While DD was in the shower, I went into her room (unmade bed!!) to get out her clothes for the day and found this

her clothes laid out neatly including a hat and shoes and handbag... and pj's for tonight complete with a dolly and if you lift the pants ... a night nappy (or "just in case" as we call it)!!

Please exit via the right on an orderly fashion as to not disturb the animals.... thankyou for visiting

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Creative Scrappers

I was so in love with this sketch when I saw it - I had to give it a go.
Love this photo of my DD too - such a natural smile compared to the cheesy fake smile she does whenever I pull out my camera.
She is the last - as much as I love the days she is at kinder (because she drives me NUTS), I am going to miss her continuous banter, if shes not talking shes singing, loudly, no such thing as an inside voice here, I will miss washing the dishes and having a baby doll plonked in front of me and her saying "Oh, Hello, so how is your baby today?" as we play "ladies", I will miss her tagging along beside me humming or singing through the shopping centre and the constant "Can you buy me this for my berbay??", and trying to try on clothing in a store without her wanting to play "houses" in the change rooms, but I will mostly miss her smile, her laugh and her fiery temper that is so easily ignited for my enjoyment (hee hee - its so funny) and a little close up...

Almost time to pick her up from Kindy ... better get ready ... now where did I put those ear plugs ....

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Lollipop DT Call

Have you put your projects in yet for the Lollipop Ladies DT Call?
Here is my entry. Firstly a LO of my gorgeous DD. Love this photo but I moved alot of my favourite photos in PS elements to another folder and they are now "disconnected" and I am unable to print of or edit them again, so this photo is one of them and very precious.
If anyone out there in cyber space knows how to reconnect photos in PS elements, apart from the reconnect all files button,let me know as I have tried everything :(I have used my FAVOURITE pp range from OA and kept it simple, slightly lifted from Iris Babao Uy... And this is a wall canvas I have made as a gift for a friends son... whose name escapes me.... I'll think of it soon....

Thanks Marcia and Sammi.....

Lollipop Christmas

Hey Chickie Babes... this ha to be a super quick post.. If I get caught blogging when I am supposed to be getting ready for yet ANOTHER party... I'll be in BIG trouble...
Would you believe me if I told you this was the very first Christmas LO I have ever done??? Thanks to the Lollipop Ladies for the nudge who inspired us with a sweet treat of Candy Canes!!! Yum... the peppermint ones, not those fruity flavour ones (ewww)
So here it is..
Close ups of my "candy cane ribbon"

and one more for fun....

I will be back tonight to edit all the details, thanks to Amanda for the colour combo ... back when I am allowed to be here blogging .... any questions just ask... TOOTLES

Saturday, October 9, 2010

his greatest hero...

that's the title of my LO for the Sketch challenge for Challenge Heaven
The story behind the photos... this is my little mans "explorer" outfit that he chose to wear almost everyday during the summer of 09/10. They are explorer clothes because of the colour and because they help him camouflage in the bush so he can track animals... yep, as I have explained before he has an amazing imagination.
They are also his favourite clothes because they are as close to Steve Irwin colours as he can get. Trust me, this kid is going to be the next Steve Irwin (who coincidentally grew up in the next suburb!!), he is such a greeny and an animal lover and researcher, always reading and researching weird and wonderful animals...
He could have a worse hero in his life, so I am happy. The first photo is the Steve Irwin pose that I get nearly every time the camera is pointed at him!!! And a close up of my handmade epoxy paper clip...
and another.....

Had such a great day with some very talented girls at the Craft Fair here in Melbourne. If you are local you will have to go and check it all out!! Thanks for a great day girls!!
thanks for visiting!!!!!! Keep tuned for something very exciting soon........ hmm.....

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi Girls
just wanted to put in this quick post to say thankyou to you all for commenting to my little scrapper in the last post, but..... I think we may have created a monster as he is now going through my "challenges" list - which I print off each month and selecting his next challenge!! Its even taken priority over homework this week!!
Watching him read the lovely comments and walking off with his chest puffed up was priceless - I have even had to frame his LO and display it in the lounge!! Too cute.
Haven't done any scrapping at all as I wiped myself out on Saturday night after staying up until 3am then up at 6am and off to a birthday party all day Sunday... not a good combination for me so I have been layed up in bed with the dizzies!!! Will attempt something tonight as I had an early night last night.... wish me luck!!
Off to clean the animal cages - this place even smells like a zoo today LOL!!!!
Have a great day everyone - hope the sun is shining for you!!

Monday, October 4, 2010

Scrap the boys - by the boy...

Hi everyone!!

New month and new challenges!! Yaaay

I was looking at all my favourite sites checking out the challenges and mentioned to Mr Big that this month on Scrap the boys - the theme was Trick or Treat - so I chose treat and that was to scrap about your boys favourite thing.

My Mr Big (who is 8) has a very obsessive personality - when he finds something to love - he REALLY loves it - well for a couple of months until something else comes along....

It started when he was little with Dinosaurs - very educational so I was happy to encourage this - then we branched out to animals in general - we have EVERY species of plastic animal you can imagine.... then as he got older it has gone from gel pens, erasers, stamps, footy cards, Indiana Jones, which was cool where he dressed like him daily and wanted to have his hair cut the same and now since receiving some in a lolly bag at a party - its Pokemon.
Now I soooo don't get Pokemon cards - Mr Big will come and tell me all about the powers and strengths of each character and get VERY excited about trades he makes at school with his mates for the strongest cards - but they are sooo expensive - and they are just paper... its not like its a new sheet of co-ordinating chip stickers or journal cards with cute features or even a crisp new shipping tag...... OHHHH!! I get it now.....

So yesterday - Mr big ripped out the scrapping supplies and came up with this LO to submit to STB - complete with a title here is a close up of the journalling

and the final product....

He is pretty chuffed about this LO - and he is only 8 so he thinks its awesome - I like all the ripping and the layering.. too cute
OK - off to link it with STB for a chance to win the prize.... on his request!!
Please leave Mr Big a comment Thanks girls