Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Christams Ideas with Bakers Twine

Can I just say, I love using Bakers Twine, I think its my new addiction.
Since I have been playing with the Old Favourites Bakers twine, I have come up with some cute little Christmas Ideas for cards and tags that I know you will have to try.
They were really easy to do - sew around the edges of a stamped shipping tag with the twine and finish in a contrasting colour. I chose red and green for Christmas but the store has SO many different colours to choose from for all occasions, not just Christmas. Wrap your presents in beautiful boxes tied up with bakers twine for a funky vintage twist.
Try hanging flocked Christmas stockings on a string of twine and attaching them to a stitched tag, and again tying the box with some more twine
Remember those string art pieces around in the seventies? My Mum used to make them to sell at markets.... well they really were quite ugly, not that I would tell her that...
But my little card isn't ugly - I think its kind of funky and makes me want to eat a candy
cane - a peppermint one, not those yukky fruity ones available these days .....ewwww
I created this funky Christmas star by sewing the twine into the cardstock using the string art idea... Want to know how I did it?
Head over to the Old Favourites Blog, become a follower, place an order for some twine and ... as they say in the movies... all will be revealed... Whoa haa haa haaa (thats an evil laugh..)
Till next time sports fans... stay cool
Mad Mel


  1. Oooo super fabuliscious ideas Miss Mel!!! I LOVE your gorgeous cupcakes you've made you crafty girl you!!! Love and Peace x0x

  2. oh they look good Mel! What a great idea. Will keep these in mind!

  3. You, doing Christmas. Do you have a temp??? They look great though and that star....how??