Friday, November 5, 2010

award ceremony.... formal attire required..

Please take your seats, bit of quiet please ... you Miss Turner - a bit of decorum please! what would your mother say .... honestly...

lights dimming... hush ... curtains opening to reveal moi, looking statuesque in a Vera Wang Dress I stole off the size 14 girl I just hit on the back of the head in the toilets ..(she'll be ok...)

Look what I got!!! Thanks to Jas for nominating me for a blog award... I am a serial blogger (and blog stalker) so is she trying to say something ??? So the rules are

1 Thank the person who awarded you...

I would like to thank Mrs Jasmine Treasure Shea..... ( with a curtsy ... wobble...hand gesture.... clap..... wipe the tear away ...)

2. Post the award with pride on you blog.

Done ... any bigger and it goes kind of fuzzy... I think that's proud enough ... and a small one to print out... cut out ... dimensional magic and a pin on the back to stick on my t-shirt .... a new brooch!!! NOW THAT'S PRIDE!!!

3. list 3 things I love about myself ...

Only three... OMG where to start .... to narrow it down to only three is a hard job ....
ok ....
1. I love my resilience and my ability to laugh at myself ... even when everyone else is laughing at me.... {see answer 3}
2. I love the fact that I have a wonderful family I am proud of; and extended families who are all close and supportive .... {drop head for drama...wipe tear again for effect....look up and smile bravely....}
3. I love that I cant dance or sing or act and will never be a model - not even a plus size model .... but I can still dream and apply for Australian Idol, Australias Next Top Model {I call it ANTM for short now..}, So You Think You Can Dance ... and get rejected and laughed at by the bouncer ( Spiros, hi), and the car park attendant (HI Gary!!!...) and try again next year ... one day .... one day.....

Post a picture you love...
Well... I couldn't find one of myself ... so this one is it. Because they are what I live for... (pause for effect ... wipe tear away...wait for applause)

5 Tag 5 other people for this award....





And now for this one!!!

Noelene Fairwhether - who's the fastest scrapper in the west ( or the south) has work all over cyber space - she is a very competitive little person and puts her hand up for any of the challenges on all the sites I visit. When I surf the sites, sure enough, there is Noel's happy face staring back at me from cyber world. I would love to see all her albums ... seriously, the girl would have millions of LO's up her sleeve by now and so her albums must fill a bookcase!!

So... thankyou Noel's for sending me this...
I know ... I must be pretty awesome to receive 2 awards in a row!!! another one to cut up and turn into a brooch for my t-shirt...

So now I need to tell you 10 things about myself you may not know....

1 I don't like the colour purple - avoid it everywhere - even for my daughter... wont even buy a 7 pack of undies for my DD if it has a purple pair in there, I have been known to open packets and swap the purple ones for another colour in another packet... (shh)

2 I cant and shouldn't dance and I cant and shouldn't sing...ever

3. I love to 'wow' people with trivial facts I learn from my 'libra' wrappers each month- people think I am well read... well for a couple of days a month anyway....

4 I cant and shouldn't act

5 I am an absolute dag

6 I love to cook but hate my oven with a passion

7 I will soon be homeless if I don't buy a house soon

8 I have MS

9 I have been married for 10 years on the 25th of this month ( lets see if he remembers....)

10 I don't drive ( this seems to worry everyone else more than me...)

Now for the 10 blogger to pass this onto

In no particular order either....{ open the envelope... smile and slight giggle for effect.... cue music...}And the awards go to....


Mel H


Shell - the naughty one...


Leanne J

The other Shell - the nice one....

Ebony "the master" van der Starre ( yes she makes me call her that...)

Jas - or I get a slapping.... she can be like that...

and......... hmmm.... Sam. because she is my new boss.....

ok all done and quiet...

that's alot of awards for one day.... hope I haven't left anyone out - I'm sure I have but you know I love you's all....


Drinks and canapes bought from the freezer at Coles available in the foyer...at a price.... Miss Turner... please remember you are a lady .... do I need to speak to you again....


  1. LOL..you are such a livewire! Love to have people like you around! Thanks so much for the 'award'. I appreciate it very much!!! And it was very very nice to learn a bit moe about you!.

  2. I am just sooooo gratful for the award being passed on to me.....I shall have to ring Ms VErsace and ask if she can whip me up a dress....pronto....Oh I shall Have to prepare a speech....
    OMG I also happen to think you are my long lost twin! I hate purple, CANNOT sing and dance but am very very sure I am going to one day win the X factor or SYTYCD,I hate purple, LOVE to tell ppl the random facts on the libra pads and I don't drive either....why ppl have a problem with pp who don't drive is beyond me!!!! LOve and Peace from one dorky lady to another xox

  3. lol, love everything you wrote....... and thanks for the award...although i will say im the slackest person at passing these on though.....

  4. Thank you so very much!! :D You are sooo funny!!! You wouldn't want to barrack for the Fremantle Dockers Aussie Rules footy team then... (my team) - PURPLE HAZE!!! :D

  5. Thanks!! You make me smile Mel...you really do.....and you say you cant act...mmmmmmI dont know about that. You are very theatrical and great with words. Maybe you should become a comedian or an author!!!

  6. What's this about me being the naughty one? I clicked on "the nice one" thinking you were referring to me :P

  7. Howdy doo dee!! NO WAY! I sit on the toilet and talk to DH through the door, telling him the fact I just read on my libra pads!! Shhh don't tell him I told you that!!!! hehehe
    Thanks for the award, blush, and hope to pass it on soon. It's one of those things that take brain power to write about and brain power and my blog time don't usually mix! PS Glad you didn't leave me a poop ;)

  8. OMG Mel you crack me up.
    Race ya to the canapes.
    Glad to hear Im the nice one although others may disagree LOL.
    Thanks for the award.
    Im hopeless passing these things on but thanks a bunch. What a lovely surprise.x

  9. tee hee how cool THANKS so much I will popit onto my blog asap!!!

  10. Phew, given the time it took me to get here I thought something might actually smell! Thanks for the award, the pomp, the circumstance and the teeny insight into another side of Mel (yep I studied all your answers - stalker that I am).