Thursday, November 25, 2010

Monster under the bed....

I absolutely swear to you - this is not a set up photo.
I was in the kitchen doing the dishes....
Mr 8 was cleaning up the lounge,
and Mr 7 was sneaking in here on the computer watching a photo slide show
and so the princess, slid this spare mattress under her brothers bed ... and called out to them to hurry up and come to bed.... I was yelling from the kitchen that they were on the way... then it occurred to me it was quiet...
we couldn't find her anywhere until....this is where we found her!!
She had given up waiting and had fallen asleep under the bed!!!

too funny

It is my 10 year wedding anniversary today - I received a gorgeous watch this morning from my beautiful hubby - I will post pictures tomorrow. I got him ........... hmmmm, 10 years is aluminium or tin ..... do you think a tinnie of beer is OK?? Or a can of soup for dinner???
He is out at a launch party while I am home with the kids.... ahhh... 10 years....


  1. congrats on the 10 years!

    crazy kids hey? they do the most weirdest stuff!

  2. Lol - poor little poppet - after all who wants to sleep alone?! Happy 10 years :) It's our 17th anniversary on Saturday and my ironman will be riding, swimming and then sleeping on the lounge - standard! I'd be happy with a new watch!

  3. Happy Anniversary!! Ohhhh How Coooote...

  4. Love the pic Mel, absolute classic!

    Happy 10th anniversary what a lovely way to spend the evening together.

  5. That photo and story is a classic!!! Congrats on 10 years, hope you get to do something together! BTW: thanks for the congrats on my blog for being published... which mag was it for? (Just in case I'm missing something!) Cheers!

  6. That is sooooo cute. Did you show her the photo??? She would have loved it. Happy Anniversary. You have to celebrate. I can babysit if you need. Although I am sure MIL will be at your house so maybe she can!!!