Friday, November 19, 2010

Santa Claus is coming....

Done your Chrissy cards yet??
If not... check these out!!! Aren't they the cutest??
Old Favourites have these in the etsy shop - they are original vintage playing cards featuring a sweet little girl in her bestest Christmas day outfit waiting for a kiss under the mistletoe... awww, too sweet. I think they are perfect for your Chrissy cards.. or a perfect embellishment on this years Christmas pages!!

Sorry I haven't been around to send out the luvvin' to all that I stalk... I will be back soon but have been layed up in bed for a couple of days :(
Will be back to stalk you all soon when I am better.

Mel xxx


  1. love them, ive done mine, just need to post them out

  2. So cute! Hope your feeling a bit better??? Have missed your lubbly jubblyness! Love and Peace xox

  3. Too Cute.. I'm Half way with my Cards!!
    Hope you Get well Soon.

  4. Oh Mel ... get well soon hun, nothing worse than that crook feeling.

    Now thems some cuteness, thanks for sharing.

    :) Marcia

  5. Hey chick - hope you are starting to feel better :) My flowers have arrived and they are super cool, fab and groovy - you are one talented flower-maker!! Keep your eye out as my LOs are going to be featuring them very soon.

  6. Hi Mel... hope you're feeling better soon :) I haven't even thought about Christmas cards yet... I better get a move on!!! OMG no way I would try out for Masters.. don't think I could compete with all the super talented scrappers out there... bit too daunting!! Thanks for the blog love have missed your gorgeous comments... you always make my day :) Glad you and Mel have become friends, she is such a sweetie. hugs