Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Kraft it Up!

 I worked on this layout yesterday for Kraft it Up... tossing papers here and there, shuffling embellies, sticking and unsticking for most of the day, constantly doubting my abilities as a scrapper, wondering if my style was just to keep adding until the plastic sleeve it was eventually going to live in gives up under the weight of the layout... anyway.. you get the idea ... then it was time to pick up the kids from school,  {where did my day go????}
 So I closed the door to my scrap room - which also has the library and the computer .... and left the scrap mess for that night (I am an extremely messy scrapper).
 So imagine my sheer panic, stomach dropping to the floor, sweating, hyperventilating... when my Daughter yells from the study "Hey Mum, I finished the Scrapbook page you did of me and it looks beautiful!!!"
 OMG - I had left out my re positional glue spray, my PVA glue, my double sided tape, and the hot glue gun plus not to mention my cutter (what kid doesn't love to slice up your new range of paper you just purchased for THAT photo) so I raced at warp speed to my scrap table and found this....
 She has positioned the  lowers as ear muffs and made herself eat a cupcake..... and positioned flowers on the page.....but thank goodness not thought to use any of the adhesives..... and she is very proud of her handy work...

 and yes... she does come home with a grubby jumper, messy hair and one collar tucked in....

But all was fine ... I did make some adjustments though and produced this for the challenge..

 The whole time I was doing this layout, I just kept looking at that little face and thinking - yep, she is just so pretty... so that's what I titled it "She is beautiful"
 And a closey of the gorgeous products from Old Favourites again - the vintage ticket (love them) the scalloped music ticket, that soft silk ribbon, the amazing Paris post card and that lace..
 I also added my own resin flowers and black swallow

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Tuesday, July 26, 2011


At some gorgeous new products coming from Old Favourites....
go here to see what other kits are available...

as you were


So very thankful for lovely friends.

 Some days I find it really hard to get out of bed and my body aches and is so heavy...that's OK, it comes with the package deal of this disease and I push through it knowing that it will be OK in a couple of days.

The kids are unaware of what is going on but know that sometimes, mum cant be crazy and jump around or even walk fast and I get a bit grumpy and fed up.

 Yesterday afternoon a good friend noticed I was limping ... even though I thought I was walking fine .. you know when your drunk but you think you appear sober .. I lied and assured her I was fine and that I would load the kids on the bus and be on my way home.

 Well this morning at 8:30 there was a toot from the driveway - she has 2 children of her own attending our school - but she ferried my kids and hers to school, having to come back to pick up my eldest son because there wasn't enough room in the car in the first trip.
How very sweet is that!!

So then, I came back inside, turned on the computer to see what was happening in the world, and I have received a lovely email from Kerri who filled me in with what was happening in her life and welcoming me back to blogland. I haven't met Kerri yet but through this craft, we have become great mates. You have to go and check out her blog... it IS very high tech...

Moments like this make you remember with all the evil in the world there are some genuinely nice people out there.

 Ahhh... its nice to have such lovely friends...

Sunday, July 24, 2011

STB Layout

This month over at Scrap the Boys, the challenge was to use tape on our layouts and the word Play... which was easy when you are the mum to this little monster....

Soooo, I dug around in the garage and found some gaffer tape and electrical tape and used them on my LO of my little man..

I'm sure I have mentioned it a thousand times, but this little man has a wild imagination and is at times very funny (funny ha ha and funny weird...hereditary??? perhaps) so this layout is about a school project he had to do where the teacher had just finished reading "the Cat in the Hat" to the class and then they were to write a letter to the Cat in the Hat... well... this is what he wrote..

 Yeah.... well the teacher thought it was soo funny that she had it published in the school newsletter that week!! So I had to go in disguise to pick up my kids for the rest of the month!!

In this layout I have used the electrical tape and "pleated" it for added texture and used silver gaffer tape at the very bottom of the page, it doesn't show up too well in the photo.
 I have also used lots of goodies from Old Favourites" such as the envelope that holds the details of the story behind the letter, the paperclips, puzzle pieces, twine, vintage tickets, the funky alphabet ribbon at the top of the page and the red film strip tape
and here are some funky pieces from a MASSIVE pack of goodies I won from my buddy Leanne J (thanks again babe!!) and one of my ZZ Shop bottlecaps that you can squizzy at with the link at the top of my blog...

So there you have it girls...after a VERY long break from my trusty computer and camera...I am back.

please leave a comment and let me know what you have been up to while I wasn't watching... hope you were good.
Whats the goss???

Get on yer bike!!

Just a little brag for my nephew - he has done so well in the last 2 years in his mountain bike riding...
he is now a sponsered rider and riding bikes more expensive than our car!!
Sorry, very proud of him and a bit delerious from staying up most of the night watching the "tour".
 GO AUSSIES!! So excited for Cadel Evans too!!!

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Consider yourself warned.....

The technician has literally just pulled out of the driveway.... but
I have internet!!!!

Yep, seven and a half months ( but who's counting eh??) I finally have the net back on and my own scrap room with a massive table.... SO EXCITED!!

 I'll be stalking you all again.... so consider yourselves warned...
Oh man I have so much to catch up on, I dont even know what the latest "trends" are, I am so out of the loop. Whats the coolest paper range??

So what you been up to??