Friday, March 4, 2011


Grab your copy of Scrapbooking Memories... Volume 13 Number 4 because you will want to kiss the cover....
Does anybody recognise this beautiful little girl {with the AMAZING genes....}
well its my llittle girl looking all sweet, cute and like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth before the attitude started!!!
 I have been so good keeping this under my hat for almost a month and am so very excited.
 I haven't received my own copy yet but cant wait to show the princess.... Mumma is so proud.... living my dreams of becoming a cover girl through my daughter.... well at least she got to be a  cover girl.... I should have thought of it earlier before the hormones kicked in and everything went east, west and south.

Signed copies will be available at an extra cost.... { hey.... it's worth a try!!!}

will post more photos when I finally receive my own copy.... :(