Wednesday, July 28, 2010


This photo is becoming to be a regular face in this house - the boys - of course are to blame (even if they are not home!!). This face is followed by the statement "nobody loves me - just Nanna". This face is also followed by ... "Mum, can I have something to eat?" like butter wouldn't melt in her mouth!!! If she is this emotionally confused now - what am I going to do when she is a teenager?? A trip to Dr Phil?? Nah - bring back Jerry Springer!! (actually - don't answer that, I don't want to know)
This is a layout I compleated for Challenge Heaven number challenge. 5 word title, 4 patterned papers, 3 flowers, 2 stamped images and 1 heart - yep its all there. Remembered I had this flower punch stored away in the depths of my stash, so I made this cute little flower with a beaded centre! very cute i think.
On another note - Congrats to my bestie Jas for landing her 3 DT position over at the new Lollipop Ladies site opening next month. Be sure to pop over and join in the sweetness.
the kids have escaped from their cages, better go change the locks... BYE!!


  1. too funny, i can relate to that title pmsl....just makes me laugh. love that flower you made, love all this

  2. LOOOVE this Mel. Love how you have used that BG paper. Doily looks fab. Embellies great too. Look at that little face... I am sure she has mental telepathy with Emma (cause I know this is where we are headed with the foot stomping going on at the moment).
    PS. Thanks for your little note re me again. You started all of this....

  3. oh mel if only i could tell you it would get better but my dd is nearly 10 and she is still like that LOL

    love that page hon gorgeous work


  4. Thanks for poping in Mel.. I think I have fix the picture problem :)..
    I seem to get an idea and go with it.. That is why I love challenges and sketches so much I think. Done another couple tonight. I think it helps that the kids are older and they know not to bother too much when I am scrappin' and hubby is awesome as well.. He seems to think I am addicted.. I have about 30 albums on the go.. sometimes but my lo's are very basic.

  5. Wow, there's alot of emotion behind that face.....I love it. I also love that little gem of a paper flower. Have a happy day. xo

  6. PML that photo is so funny and so familiar I am sure I have many of those in the kids albums!!! Wow loving all the embellishments