Sunday, August 8, 2010

LOST: my marbles and my mojo

If any one finds these can you please return them!!!

I have seriously lost my marbles due to the fact that we have decided to sell up and move on up to something a bit bigger and better - what and where exactly is the reason I have lost my marbles. We haven't found anywhere else to go yet, and I am FREAKING OUT!!!

I am not ashamed to say that I am a very lazy housewife and will do anything to get out of doing the housework - BUT - you should see this place, it looks so awesome and thanks to my baby sister and alot of sweat and scrubbing, it looks so good that I look around and think.... maybe we should stay... then I open a cupboard and, ensuring I am wearing a crash helmet, everything I have stashed comes falling down on top of me and that shakes me back into reality and I remember why we have to move.

So.. the auction is on 4th of September, but with all the cleaning and scrubbing, I cannot create!! I love my clutter and now I cant think and my eyes are hurting from the glare of shining surfaces!! So I am afraid I may have cleaned my scrapping mojo away :(.

I will try again tonight, there are soooo many fantastic challenges out there this month, and I don't want to miss out!!

Over at KIU - LOOK WHO ONE OF THE JULY WINNERS IS!!! ME - I have won a prize pack from the gorgeous Jodie at Sweet Vintage and cant wait for it to arrive - maybe it will have a bit of mojo attached...... here's hoping.

Gotta go - the animals are getting scared of their reflections in the now clean windows....
Start searching for my marbles and mojo --
Mad Melxxx

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