Tuesday, July 27, 2010

National Geographic eat you heart out!!!

You know those questions you see in magazines that ask celebrities who they would have as guests at a dinner party - mine on the top of the list would be David Attenborough - he is amazing, and the stories he could tell you would be incredible.
Since having the boys, my life has been an education in animals, from big to small. Toy animals of every species - alive, endangered and extinct dinosaurs with names as long as your arm - have been strewn all over my house for 8 years now. Its not uncommon to have a shower with a woolly mammoth, a green tree frog and a wart hog watching me.
And so, with this fascination every weekend is spent in the backyard lately looking for new "animals"(or I will be corrected to saying "mini beasts") to "torture" for a day... building habitats, the victim being stretched between taunts of "no... I want to hold him first, I found him"....or "does he need more water? (as he tries to scramble up the new Decor box I just bought for the kitchen) or buried under copious amounts of twigs, leaves and grass and lost as he makes an escape while they empty the habitat to look for him again.
So this is the new LO topic for MAS. Don't you just love the National Geographic photography!! You can see his insides ( the snails I mean!). It doesn't matter that DS had to sit REALLY still for quite some time while I got the perfect scrapbooking photo, snail slime on his arm. What matters is I got it!!above is a close up of my vintage childrens book lollipop flower with a cute snail expoxy.

The papers I have used are Ki memories cardstock, K&Co paper (which was one of my very first purchases about 4 years ago!!) and 2 fancy pants journal tickets. The journal card is from here (my new fav) ribbons and epoxy dots and pink paislee rub on AC and bella alphas.
And so another weekend full of muddy washing, holes in the lawn, over turned rocks,new Decor containers with dead mini beasts in them that will never come back into the kitchen but happy kids learning about the world around them. What do your animals get up to on the weekends?


  1. Fabulous LO Melissa. Your pics look fantastic... worth the wait!! Lovin that lollipop flower :)

  2. Hey Mel, love the snail lollipop embellie bit. Great LO. Fantastic photos. Have you ever thought of writing books? Looove your story telling. Always makes me smile.

  3. That LO ROCKS Mel! And I am with Jas - you certainly put a smile on my face when I read your posts! LOL