Friday, July 16, 2010

Welcome to the world Scarlett

Look what I got yesterday!!! A new niece!!
Welcome to the world Scarlett Judith Booth.

She is soo cute and squishy and a healthy 4.75 kg!!
Congrats to Lisa and my brother Ashley for their new princess!! Thanks for making me an aunty again and for giving me a new bubba to play with and watch grow.
Here are some quick pics but I will post some more soon!!
Here she is meeting Poppy - my dad


  1. Congrats Auntie Mel & family! What a gorgeous little princess and just love the name Scarlett. X

  2. Oh how cute. Want to squeeze those cheeks. She looks tiny in your Dad's arms. Congrats Aunty Mel.xx

  3. Aw congrats Aunty Mel! She looks lovely, who doesn't love a baby?!