Sunday, July 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Nanna

Just wanted to say a HUGE
Happy Birthday to my Nanna
who is 90 today!!
Man if she had the Internet and saw this I would be in trouble!!! And even more trouble for printing a photo of her.
This is a photo of the four generations of girls in our family - Nan, my mum ( who would also kill me for this photo) Me (looking HOT) and my little Miss with a fake smile.
Nan is not your typical Nanna - you need to make an appointment with her to make a phone call because she is NEVER home - totally independent and constantly busy with all her social outings - her social calendar is busier than mine!!
I so hope I can be like her when I am 90 - she even has a motorbike!!!

Love you heaps Nan and we all wish you a very happy birthday, get spoilt by all the girls and we hope to get up to see you soon!!


  1. Happy Birthday Nan. Mel, you and I will be off on our bikes every weekend at 90 picking up hot men....as ours will have long passed (that doesn't sound very nice does it? I mean, they will be sadly missed but all the same, it won't be stopping us). LOL. P.S. Don't show Nick or Anth

  2. Happy birthday to your nan! 90 is certainly a reason to celebrate and your nan looks FAB for her age! (And yes, you are looking rather HOT too Miss Mel!) XXX