Thursday, December 23, 2010

SALE SALE SALE - before boxing day!!!!

Hi girls
Look what I have been up to... I have been so busy preparing these little guys for a photo shoot. I am happy to report they all behaved themselves and are now ready to be adopted by you to add to your layouts, cards, ATC's OTP projects or where ever you like.... within reason of course...

Please have a looksie and let me know what you think....

More Bottle caps ... these ones are Big Birdies {3 for $3.25} and are a beautiful chocolate brown with stunning other muted colours such as blue, apricot,yellow and beige. These are a stunning addition to a more traditional page...But for a bit more fun... here are the Little Birdies playing in the garden - lots of bright coloured flowers and sweet little birdies.. again they are 3 for $3.25.For both styles of bottlecaps - the above is just a guide as to what you can expect, I will randomly choose the birdies and flowers that you will receive - but I assure you, they are all VERY cute!!

Ladybugs on pins {well.... he was miss behaving....} are $1.50 each and are 4.5cm (roughly) high but the bug is 1.5cm diameter

caterpillars {screamapillar because they have ears???} are L2.75 x H1.5cm and $1.50 each

Daisies - little black one near the icecream smiling nicely - are about 1cm diam and are $1 each

butterflies - L2cm x H1.25 and are $1 each

Flat yellow Daisy - 2 cm diam. are $1.50 each

Apples - {2x2cm} $1.50 each

Ice creams - $2 each {L1.5 x H2.5cm}

Gingy {H 1.75 x w 2cm} 2 for $2

Big cuppy cakes $1.50 each {2x2 cm}

Swallows $1.50 each {3cm wing to wing and 2.5 beak to tail}

The plane..the plane... $1.50 each { L2 x H2.5 cm}

Strawberries $1.50 each {1.5cm diam.}

  • Because each of these are handmade, some slight imperfections in shape and colour are to be expected.

  • They are not toys and so should be kept well away from children and irresponsible adults as they are a choking hazard.

  • Please also be wary that they are not acid free so don't place them directly on precious photos. They are however, non-toxic.

  • Postage within Australia is $1.20 for up to 3 items and .40c for each items after that.

  • Payment is by DD.

  • To order please leave contact details {email} in the comments and I will contact you

Thanks for looking!!!!!


  1. about to email you mym order mel....they all so cute

  2. okies ive linked this on my blog mel, thanks for the awesome stuff

  3. Very Cute Mel
    Hope you have a Merry Christmas and may the New Year bring lots of mojo and time to scrap

  4. These are so cute Mel!! LOVE them! :D

    Hope you and your fam had a wonderful christmas!!!


  5. hope you had a great xmas........ youve won a rak on my blog, you just need to go there(my personal one, not the swaps one) and email your address to me and i will pop something in the post to you

  6. hey stalker!
    happy 2011!
    love all your goodies and have used your kits already!
    have a surprise for you on my blog if you want a peek!
    kerri xx