Thursday, December 23, 2010

For all you Non believers

Click here for the proof
Sit the kids down and show them this Santa page - all of us here read through this official Santa site each year, its very informative and explains how exactly Santa crosses the world in one night. It even explains the time zones.
To all of you who don't believe.... BAH HUMBUG!!!

I am leaving my little home very soon after the new year so blogland will lose its local loony for a few weeks as I don't think the cardboard box under the tree that we will be living in ( my daughter told her kinder teacher that's where we will be living....) will have internet access.... I will be stalking from afar with the free internet at the library from time to time... so stay in touch and I will be back soon {yes... that's a warning...}
In the meantime - everyone have a wonderful Christmas with your families, thankyou for being great "friends" and for the laughs and the gorgeous comments throughout the year, I love it, and the inspiration from all you gorgeous girls.
Have a safe and happy new year, I will contact you from my cardboard box from the tin can attached to a piece of string... cross fingers it works...

Merry Christmas Bloggians!!!


  1. Well Merry Christmas & A happy New Year too you & your Family....
    Wishing you a wonderful holiday,I will visit you again soon.. When you return.

  2. very very cute indeed Mel !!!! you sure have a way with words the world needs people like you full of fun ...
    have a great holiday and enjoy your xmas with you family ... may your new year be full of fun, laughter and unexpected joys..
    many thanks for your lovely comment on my blog and for being a follower ..
    hugs xo

  3. Merry Christmas gorgeous girl. I wish I was coming to Melbourne this year, would have loved to see the new pad aka cardboard box haha, chat soon xoxo

  4. I wish you and your family a very Merry and bright Christmas too!