Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Another Year on...

After 6 full years of Kindergarten, my time has finally come to an end. I am sad to be no longer a kinder parent, but with all the kids just next door at school, we can still pop in to say hi whenever we like.
So my baby girl graduated kinder yesterday - and I was very brave and didn't cry!! She was so excited and the kids all put on a little concert before the certificate ceremony and then we had a party ... then we came home and had some of her sweet little friends over for a play - love having little girls in the house, so much quieter playing dolls and tea sets and babies than the boys racing in and out with dinosaurs, trucks and footballs...
Here she is proudly displaying her certificate Another of my friends Daughters graduated primary school on Monday. Natasha is such a sweet girl and is always friendly and smiling and is the type of girl any mother would like their own daughters to be like at her age... so, using my Old Favourites Vintage paper pack {yes... its STILL going - such great value} I made this cute little gift box to put some hair clips I made her in...

and packaged it up with twine....

Congrats to you Tash, we know you will do well in high school, and to my baby girl!! :(
be good
Mad Mel


  1. i know how you feel mel....Connor graduated kindy this year too..... my 6th and last child to leave kindy behind and move on to the next stage of childhood...porimary school, im sad that never in my life will i again have a kindy kid......

  2. this is just lovely, I love how you have wrapped it. I must sauy that layout below is fabbo too, what an awsome idea to tuck away those drawings!!!

  3. Love Tash's pressie and she looked beautiful in the clip. Very cute pic of DD too. Love that smile. Now don't be sad because I have two words for you Kimmy, FREE TIME.

  4. how beautiful do these look !!!! absolutely gorgeous.... I have always loved printed text paper.. and those black flowers are just sensational ..
    hugs x