Wednesday, December 8, 2010

happy birthday big boy ... and a secret revealed!!

Yeah yeah yeah.... I know one and a half hours afterwards I am writing about this little mans birthday and yeah yeah yeah... because he is the first born he gets a blog post on his birthday instead of a couple of days later like his third born sister.... BUT... he is the first born and therefore the best... the middle child will always be the middle child... never better than the oldest and never cuter than the youngest.. the earlier they know that the better....

SO ... this morning we welcomed the Zinga's into the year 2010... yes we finally have a piece of technology in the house that dates after the year 2000.

We don't have a plasma, a wii {except on the bathroom floor after the boys have been there}, an X-box, a playstation, i-pods, i- phones, anything with the letter "i"... my mobile phone is analogue.. so is our little box of a telly... so today... we have a DSi ... finally something with an "i",

Yep. think he is stoked about that!! and this is not a posed photo.. seriously, this was his reaction... love it!! And yep - that's me on the right in desperate need of an underarm wax, arm wax, eyebrow wax and lip and chin wax too... but check out my guns!!! {sorry babe.. love the face fluff... its not me girls... really..}

Happy birthday little man!! 9 years old!!

now i can share my little secret... finally... Miss Shell over at Challenge heaven has finally posted my LO on her blog because I am honored to be the December Guest Designer for Challenge Heaven!!! dont believe me?? Check THIS out {happy dance ... happy dance...}

Here is my LO of my gorgeous daughter... who is pure sugar and spice... all in the matter of minutes... cant wait for the teenage years when I send her off to the tallest tower of the tallest castle until her true love arrives.... with mood stabilisers...
Love how this LO turned out.. love these papers
and close ups ....

and one of my flowers which are available real soon

head over to Challenge Heaven... every month there are new challenges, sketches and prizes to win and the girls are just the best, I have made so many great friends here and won a couple of comps too... just watch out for that cheeky Shell editing answers to bio questions to make you appear quite strange...


  1. You know what I love about you? You make me feel like I'm not the only nutter on the planet...thank god.....although now I know there is someone else out there like me it makes me less valuable to secret government scientific researchers.....there goes my retirement fund plans....Better go an finish making my aluminium foil hat....Whoomp there it is.....Loves and Peace and Stuff xox

  2. Hip Hip Hooray MP. Hope you have a great day. Left your card in the letterbox as we missed you this morning. Probably late which I unusual for you guys but assumed you were playing your DS. OMG a DS. You are so lucky. Don't tell my guys....Love the LO Mel. They are gorgeous pics, love the pp, loved your spiel. Always a giggle.

  3. P.S. Note to Anth, please put a top on next time, I was eating my breakfast when I saw that photo.....

  4. jas - the scary thing is he is wearing a top - a Bonds "wifebeater" singlet that is older than the birthday boy.... sacrifices to be able to purchase a DS!!!
    Apologies to everyone for the font size... it wont change!!

  5. Oh yeah sorry tend to make comments all about me sometimes....CONGRATS on being the most FABBEST Gust DT in the History of Guest Dt's..............and your lo is hot dang diggety SUPER awesome..that flower is yummy...seriously...can I eat it?

  6. happy birthday little man............ love your journalling in this post, pmsl, you crack up, woman............
    i solved the middle child syndrome with my kids by havin way more than 1 middle child lol, i got 6 kids, so technically 4 are middle children....... but my 3rd actually does suffer middle child syndrome though,....... and lol at the 'wii' on the floor comment. i can totally relate to that considering my 6 kids are all boys

  7. lovin the colours and the layering you have used on this layout

  8. Happy BDay too your Big boy!!! Some gr8 Pics..... A FAB U LAS LO! love it...
    & Congrats on December Guest Designer Spot...Have FUN!

  9. Thanks for not calling me a slack arse in the actual blog post!!! :)

    Love your layout, as always!! Happy B'day to your little man!!

  10. Oh WOW!! Where do I get my hands on one of those flowers! This is gorgeous!

  11. I think your middle child deserves an ipod - it will give him something to do whilst he waits to see his therapist! I'd wish your big boy a happy birthday but clearly as his mother's favourite he is no need of further fawning... Big shoutout to you though Mel - congrats on being the CH guestie - can't wait to read those edited answers :)