Sunday, December 5, 2010


As you would probably know... my mojo had been boxed up in the millions of boxes scattered around my house waiting for the big move... well guess what I found!!
Yep ... my scrapping mojo came out of the box last night to visit... and my OF vintage paper pack got another turn at the spotlight.
Featured here on this untitled LO s the vintage book page, ticket, playing card, soft drink label, blue shipping tag, puzzle piece, vintage clothing pattern and my fave... the bakers twine in blue and red...Oh, isn't he sweet sitting there colouring with his little crayons squished in his chubby hands and the dinosaur right there in front of him... closely guarded of course... I love this photo but until now have never scrapped it ...This little man turns 9 on Wednesday
here is a beautiful OF hat pin ... so many colours to choose from.....

woopsie ... tilt your head sideways for a better view of my OF vintage soft drink label, puzzle piece I covered with vintage paper, and .... OF twine

I saw this LO by Louise Nelson and thought it was a great idea to subtly add this "daggy" chipboard dinosaur and make it funky...
I also made this funky little gift wrapping idea again from the goodies in the vintage paper pack from Old Favourites
and another photo because I can...

ok ... be good because you-know-who is watching...
{do I mean Santa?? I am affectionately called "stalker" by some...} at least I think its affectionately... Kerri?? Ali???


  1. good work! Totally love the layout..the little details on it are superb! Its also good that its untitled. Sometimes some layouts need that.

  2. Too cute. Love the LO and glad Mojo found you again.

  3. Hi there.... Love the lot Mel :)
    I have Mojo Disease...
    Some many ideas in my head and not enough MOJO or TIME to do even half of it.


  4. Hello and wow, so glad your mojo is unpacked because you are so wonderfully talented. I love this layout and can definately notice the Louise Nelson bits on the page. And he is super cute colouring in. Love to you. Melxx

  5. alittle bit of Lou-ness hidden in there.. wow. i love it.. i love the photo.. and dont you know good things come to those who wait..and in this case its a super scrapable photo.

  6. What a gorgeous surprise to see this morning, this is stunning!

  7. WOW Mel LOVE your LO... so many lovely details!! I saw that idea of Lou's and thought I might give it a try also. The dinosaur looks fab! That little box is so sweet...very creative!! Glad your mojo is back have a fab week :)

  8. GOODNESS this is so striking Mel, love all your bits and pieces, that photo is gorgeous and I LOVE what you have done with that dinosaur

  9. Lurv that piccy. How cute! The dinosaur looks unreal (might have to give that method a go one day too) and so many yummies to look at. Funky gift box. Love that doily. Glad the mojo is back. Forget the boxes and the rest of it, just scrap. They wont run away.