Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Happy Birthday Baby Girl

Yep..... Finally .... she has reached the age of wonder and amazement... after a whole year of watching her best friends turn 5 ... she has finally turned 5 herself... the magic age where she can go to school.
I was woken up at 6am with her standing beside me.. arms stretched out at her sides... "So Mum.... do I look any bigger???" Of course you do baby...
Well this all happened last Saturday ... Lucky her god mother posted a happy birthday message for her on the day.
Well she is my third child... so she will have to get used to being left behind a little...Such a crazy day... I had to up to work on the polls at 7 (in the rain), the kids had swimming at 7:30 and she had to wait until 10:30 to open her (much anticipated) birthday presents. then its Dad's birthday too {Happy Birthday to you too Dad...} then visitors popping in all day until VERY late ... so these are the only 2 decent photos I have from the whole day.
If only I knew someone with a new SLR..... *wink wink*
I feel a little sad about her turning 5... innocence lost once she goes to school, and I will miss her even though she drives me crazy sometimes - like right now she has her big brothers MP3 in her ears and singing SUPER LOUD. I know she will survive school without a trouble - she is a very tough little cookie and I love her soo much.
Happy birthday baby doll - we love you!!


  1. well HAPPY 5th birthday!!!Hope her day is as wonderful as she deserves!

  2. Oh, did you mean me??? We must get together one day with the kids and do a photo shoot with the camera. Should be fun, don't they say don't work with Kids or Animals!!!! Would be great to do though if we at least got one good photo.

  3. Five is such a cool age - it's when they start to 'get it', they start to get a real sense of humour, they start to be able to handle the late nights, they start to become 'little adults'. I reckon that was the age that my Princess became fun to be around too. You will miss her when she goes to school next year, but you will also relish the space. Big birthday wishes to her!

  4. Happy birthday to your little girl, she is beautiful and looks like she had a lovely cake. Melxx