Monday, December 13, 2010

Lollipop Ladies hidden suprises...

mmmmm... I like biting into a block of violet crumble... to get to the honeycomb on the inside... ohhhh yeah...
I eat mine by biting off the chocolate on the outside first... much to my hubby's annoyance!! I eat party pies the same way... I eat the "lid" then the filling.. then the base... only when I am home, never in public... or if I have to .. under the table at a party when no one is watching....
Anyway... the lollipop ladies challenge this fortnight was to use the choc honeycomb as inspiration... but we had to add hidden journalling.
I love hidden journalling, especially in little envelopes, but I found this gorgeous Kraft envelope with the twine twisty thingo sealer and HAD to use it on this LO of my gorgeous little man wrestling a crocodile at Taronga zoo. I stamped it and made it a feature of the LO and inside the envelope is drawings he leaves lying around the house of crocodiles.
And because it was honeycomb - I stole a bee eraser that was also lying around next to the pencil box and pictures of crocodiles, vikings and dragons... and used it as an embellie on my LO... at least it wont be lying around now, and a little BG bee and he monopoly money is the same colour as honeycomb.... and the cardstock is actually chocolate brown...
If there is going to be another like Steve Irwin ... this little guy is going to be him ...or he is going to marry Bindi Irwin...no ALI!!! Don't say it!!! some of Jinxy's drawings of crocodiles... tucked away for the future... so head on over to the Lollipop Ladies for some sweet inspiration and play along this fortnight, we would love to see you there!!!
not many sleeps to go so be good for goodness sake ... yes even you Ali !!!
Mad Mel


  1. LOL..how cute is that layout and how cute is he! What a great idea with the drawings tucked in. Good job!

  2. By Crikey it's a rare australian Croc Boy lo......love the monopoly money...it's so very dissapointing to take a wad of monoply money to the corner store as a kid then discover the grumpy store keeper won't except it as valid currency...Hey....I passed GO fair and square!!! Love the envelope with the drawings aswell...cool idea...oh and I eat mars bars that way to...very messy but it just tastes better that way.....Loves and Peace to you Miss Mad Mel xox

  3. This is fab Mel. Love the tag and the envelope (where have you been stashing that little piece?). Grouse photo of J and love the idea of including the pics in there. Very very cool LO.

  4. Hey there! Thanks so much for stopping by, it always makes me smile to see a comment from you! Sad?? Maybe but it's true lol I love 'their junk' but only when you can swipe it and reuse it on a page :)

  5. Great LO, love the secret pocket!

  6. gorgeous LO ... great idea with the envelope ...I use hidden journaling often as it stops clutter on a page ... love it ... I posted a Lo on my blog a couple of days ago with a little blue envelope I made to store some hidden journaling ... it is fantastic way to tell the story ...
    love your work ..hugs x