Monday, January 3, 2011

hey jube

Yeah yeah, so I stole Marcia and Sammi's heading... I thought it was cute!!

The girls over at Lollipop Ladies are keeping me away from my New Years Resolution of losing a couple of kg's by again tempting me with one of my fave lollies... a sugared jube... the soft ones though... and you can have the green ones... I don't care for green lollies at all.

So here is my entry for this month.

My DD has the most amazing hair, but she has a habit since she was young of matting her curls by twisting them.... one thumb in her mouth (yes at age 5 still....!!!) and the other fingers twirling and twisting her hair. When she was a baby it was my hair she would pull on...

So to stop her from twisting it each night we have told her she had to have hair like a mermaid... Ariel from Little Mermaid... that seemed to stop her as she wants to be a mermaid when she grows up. And for the close ups because I can....One of my gorgeous flowers............ in red............

some of my gorgeous flowers in aqua, and red again ...... available soon....... and some sparkle on Collections chipboard....

one more

and anothery..

And lastly .... look what I got from my gorgeous friend Kerri !!!!
Kerri and I have been great online friends now for some time... Shes always good for a laugh and a bit on a tease, she calls me "stalker" to my face....
She must scrap at every waking hour... either that or she never sleeps or eats or cleans her house... or she is a supermum to her two boys... I'll hide in the bushes out the front of her house and let you know...
Post the award on my blog.... done
tell you 8 things about myself....
  1. I don't like green lollies
  2. I don't like persimmons
  3. I don't like Justin Bieber
  4. I don't like purple
  5. I don't like people playing with their phones while I am chatting to them... I get the hint ok
  6. I don't like pigeons .... seriously.... a bird that produces milk... unnatural...
  7. I don't like "Puzzle Play" on channel 10
  8. I still don't get "The Matrix".... what the?????

now I have to pass it on to 8 others....

you know what... if you read this and think you are worthy... post it on your blog... we would all love to have to stop stalking around in the bushes outside your house and just know more about you all....

I will be off line for a few weeks or months as we are moving, but never fear blog land... I will return. (that's a warning.....)

Be good while I am not looking
luv yews all and I will miss yews...

mad mel xoxoxox


  1. Have fun moving ...and Ill have your green lollies....any lolly does me!!!

  2. Just awesome this layout! LOVE the hair and cute little story behind it. I always appreciate layouts that much more when I know a little about why they were created. P.S. Thanks for your kind comments on my blog...and for your comment about my new profile picture...*sigh* if only I looked a little like that this morning after very little sleep, hair that has regrowth, eyebrows that need tweezing, skin that looks like I just came from Siberia, mismatched cotton pyjamas...LOL..get the picture?

  3. Okay if you insist, I'll eat the green ones! The black ones are my fave.

    Love the story about your little lady's hair, way too cute!

    :) Marcia

  4. This is gorgeous Mel. Love your colours, all of your bits (and very clever with the handmades), that glittery bracket is cool and yep, love the little story. I so want her curls....

  5. Gorgeous Mel. Love all the embellishments and layers. Good luck with your move. Hope you are not away from blogland too long We will miss you!! Mel xxx

  6. Beautiful LO and gorgeous colours!