Friday, August 20, 2010

Challenge Heaven Sketch LO

I'm on a roll again girls - another LO in one night!! can you believe it??
This time I followed a sketch from the lovely Shell over at Challenge heaven.
I dug to the bottom of my stash again - after digs from my best mate Jas about my paper addiction ... seriously, I forget which papers I have sometimes ... and found some Sass lass ... don't know if I like the results or find it too much of the same colour... also added AC thickers, handmade button, lace, flowers, ribbon and bits and pieces.

I have had these photos for so long and they have always made me smile.
They were taken by my Mum in her hallway, so I can imagine poor Mum lying on the floor, my little Miss spotting her with the camera and giggling the whole time she crawled to her super fast. Mum wouldn't have been able to get up in a hurry (visualise a turtle on its back...) and so Miss would have been crawling on top of her.....

In this close up you can see her cheeky smile .... it would not have been a pretty sight. Who knows how long mum must have been lying on that floor for waving her arms and rocking to get momentum to roll herself over .....
This post wouldn't be the same without a close up - so here is my embellie cluster of a hand dyed doilie, sass lass stickers, vintage button and a pink paislee rub on ... and you cant see but it has DM on it (and on my sleeve!!!) and some twine for..... I don't know why...

Love you mum ... but its always funny watching you get up off the floor....
thanks for visiting the zoo ... the animals are getting restless (actually one is sitting here munching on unsupervised S&V chips singing "Six White Horses" for the 100th time!!!!)
you know I appreciate the comments!!!

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  1. I am soooo going to tell your mum on you. But, I did laugh all the same. Very cute Mel. I love the pp and NO, I don't have them, remember, I have about 1/4 of what you do. Love your punched borders. Very cute photos.