Monday, August 23, 2010

Birthday Giveaway!!!

Its my birthday today!!!

But you get the presents!!

I have been a busy girl hand dying these doilies and "starbursts" (coz that sounds cool) in colours such as Raven, Cornflower Blue, Raspberry, Coffee, Schoolboy Grey and Stucco if you want to be cool too or you could just say black pink blue brown grey and white but..... the names I chose sound quite classy don't you think??

I have also added 2 buttons I made myself that have flat bottoms for easy "sticking" and 2 silk flowers - one rose and 1 peony (that's posh too eh??)

To have the chance to be the lucky winner of these hand dyed doilies, button and flowers made my me and few other bits and bobs, become a follower for one entry and leave a comment below.For an extra entry spread the word in the usual fashion by posting it on your blog along with a link where possible.

The Giveaway will be open for a whole entire week!! I will draw a winner next Sunday the 30th of August.(Due to postage cost this giveaway is only available to my Australian followers, sorry international girls.)
(or if you just have to have them - pm me at challenge heaven site)


  1. im a follower....omg mel, i love this stuff of yours, hence why i have emailed you, well i just soooooo gotta have this,

  2. Dude - those are so cute! :) And happy birthday!! Hope you have a lovely day. :)

  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!! Will put them on my blog for sure and am already a follower!! Thanks for the chance to win Mel...xx

  4. Great Give away. Happy Birthday ;)

  5. Happy Birthday! These are simply gorgeous...talented lady! I'm a follower.
    PS. Thank you for your lovely comments on my blog recently. :)

  6. Hello and Happy Birthday to you!!! Your giveaway is gorgeous ... I am a follower :-)

  7. Happy Birthday Melissa. It is so generous of you to do a giveaway on your birthday and a stunning giveaway.I am now follower.

  8. Ok Im following and here's the comment you wanted. Geez, some people will do anything for attention won't they!? lol

    Happy birthday you crazy gal !! xx

  9. Happy Birthday and what a sensational present you are giving away.

    Devine yummies. cheers pip

  10. Happy Birthday!! I love your goodies! I thing Starbursts are a great name! I'm now following you! :D

  11. am following and have posted a link on my blog
    what great items

  12. Happy birthday Mel!! Hope you had a magical day :)

    * I'm a new follower
    * I've linked on my blog sidebar for you

    Those doileys are gorgeous :)

  13. Hi Mel
    I'm stalking you now! hehe!
    Glad you had a great Birthday!
    I am a follower and have linked you on my side-bar at http://www.myscrapnaddiction.wordpress.com
    Lovely giveaway!

  14. i'm a folloewr of sorts, i get you rss feeds. does that count?thanks for the chance to win