Thursday, August 26, 2010

Aftermath ... a scrap addix and book fair....

Here are some photos of the aftermath of our "scrapping bonding session" Anth and I shared the other night.
I will admit, I am a messy scrapper.... but .... not this messy!! and when something doesn't work out, I DON'T scrunch it up and throw it across the other side of the room while chucking a tanty .... like a cute little Collections tag that had ink on only one side ... I flip it over!! Or a piece of pp cut to the wrong size!!! Here he is scrapping - the scarf around his head is to disguise him ... so none of his mates find out he is scrapping .... a copy of this photo is now found inside my wallet and is used for bribery!!
As you can see.. there is STILL no photo of the final LO ... I'm not surprised.... after stabbing himself with the craft knife countless times, getting glue all over himself (and the table!!) and his favourite toy - the ink pad, I am happy for him NOT to scrap again!! (and if he knew how much everything cost..... I would be dealing with a divorce heehee)

OK - so in the mail the other day I ordered this awesome pack from scrap addix. The August challenge is to use as many of the things from your pack as possible...

So I managed to use them all!!!
I completed a LO about the day my eldest son (big) met Brad Johnston from the Western Bulldogs. Brad (as I'm allowed to call him!!) was promoting a new store at the shopping centre so we went and had him sign big's Guernsey and big shyly shook Brad's hand (while Mum checked him out!!!) and then we had some shopping to do... I noticed big wasn't holding on the the escalator rails, I thought he was being cool, then he refused to hold a shopping bag for me.... and it struck me that he had been walking around with his hands held in front of him.
I asked "whats up sweetie, have you hurt your hand?" he replied shyly "No.... I'm ok." I then realised he wouldn't touch anything in fear of rubbing of the germs from Brad Johnstons handshake!!! All the way home!! I had to take this photo of the germs because he was devastated when we asked him to wash his hands!!
Now for a game of "spotto" - can you find all the things from my pack in my LO?
Three arrows, 2 tags, 2 shipping tags, buttons, ribbon, hessian, transparency, cardboard, paper bag, photo turns, string and this post wouldn't be the same without a close up ... the paper bag I stamped and the shipping tag with the story.... the hessian, the arrow, transparency, buttons, string, ribbon....

cardboard...IT WAS A BIG PACK OK!!! Geez.... and a cute circle with a "germ" that got away!!

Childrens book day yesterday .... here is big as - you guessed it .... Indiana Jones (with a toilet paper roll gun daddy made 5 mins before leaving home!! (but he still cant scrap!!)

and here is little as Flynt Lockwood from Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs movie. He had "rat birds" on his shoulders I made for him and spray on shoes. Mummy is happy now that after 4 years and 6 costumes she finally won a prize for the costumes.... hehehe. They are Jas's legs in the background!!!
Paperific tomorrow!!! ONE MORE SLEEP!! I will have to scrape up some cash for some goodies. OH .... wheres my wallet with that photo .... "Anth? Can I have $50???"
he he he he........
Until next time .......


  1. WOW fabulous LO Mel... love all the textures!! How cute are those costumes. Been out of action for a while due to the flu, so I'm wishing you a happy belated birthday... hope you had a fab day :)

  2. Oh, this is just cracking me up.... might have to share with my DH.