Thursday, September 2, 2010


I'm just doing a post to let you all know I am not doing a post today.
Too busy doing my last Thursday clean for our inspection tonight, then one more clean on Saturday for the Auction and .... then I can open the wardrobes and cupboards and let it all spill out.
Its not called messy, its just everything is out and you can see where everything is at once... all out on the floor ... that's OK.
Just one other thing, the blurb in the paper described my house as a "neat" weatherboard... SEE THAT DAD.... "NEAT". First time for everything... and it will be the last too....


  1. good luck with the auction.. and yes your excused then from cleaning for the rest of the month. hahaha
    Thanks for always visiting my blog, I love your comments, always makes me smile :) xx

  2. Good Luck Mel. We are about to head down this adventurous path as well. No Auction, just selling!!!

  3. next on the list could be my place lol..its in dire need of a clean up lol

    and omg, i got the flowers and buttons a few days ago, and what a stunning pack it is, love it, thanks heaps