Wednesday, September 29, 2010

new clothes, sweet treats and lost teeth...

Yep that is what my holidays have been filled with.

In the coming months we have 1 wedding, 2 engagements, 6 birthday functions... Anth has business nights out... oh when it rains it pours!! Not one social event for months then every single weekend for over a month is choc-a-block!! So popular LOL.

So we have been enjoying a lazy school holidays before the rush of not doing much at all, not that the weather has permitted us to do anything anyway!!

Yesterday I made this little skirt for Little Miss out of an old pair of jeans. I think mummy is having scrap withdrawals. Her favourite denim skirt split *tears* because it was too tight (size 2 for a nearly 5 year old..)
Think it turned out quite cute but there will be NO tree climbing in this.... Mummy made it so it could fall apart!!Mr Big lost his first molar.... very very excited about that!!
which had nothing to do with this snack which was made while fully unsupervised in the kitchen... can you see the little nibble out of the marshmallow... little Miss couldn't wait while the boys' had their creations photographed...
So.. how do you entertain the masses???
Back soon with some more LO's


  1. We are the same as you guys, nothing on for ages and now we have something on almost every weekend...LOL LOVE the skirt - super cute! Definitely some scrap withdrawls surfacing there...hehe XXX

  2. Oh, that is just too funny. Love the mountain.

  3. another one who scraps there skirts. haha I do the same thing, fun uh!! :)
    Check out that creation.. now did he get his mouth around it all at once. haha

  4. I entertain my masses by going to work and leaving them with their father - strangely they are all very glad to see me when I return - even if I've only been gone an hour ;) Gorgeous skirt chick - want to make one for me??

  5. Looks like a fun filled hols. Congrats Mac. Surely the tooth fairy had to work overtime to save her $$ for that one. Can see Ada in that little creation. Very cute.

  6. Mel, I have asked a couple of online stores to get them in, when they do I will let you know...love that skirt BTW