Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Lollipop Ladies lucious layout

The lovely ladies at lollipop ladies have gone all out and tempted us with these scrummy gelatis in these gorgeous colours .... oh yum...
Remember as kids on a hot day it was music to your ears, (literally) when you were out side playing under the sprinkler, pulling bindis out of your feet with no sunscreen or hats, when you could hear in the distant streets the first tinkle of the ice cream van's Greensleeves music... racing inside and begging Mum to rustle up any spare coins quickly as you scrambled back outside in your thongs (as in footwear!!!), running down the street chasing the ice cream van, tripping over in your thongs (footwear again girls...) and scraping your knee but knowing if you didn't keep running you would miss out.... and only stopping to cry and mop up the dirt and blood off your knee once that cool ice cream was in your hand.... and you could use the sticky napkin wrapped around the cone to wipe your knee... slowly walking back home (or limping) with the cool sticky bright coloured goo dripping down your arm.... ah... those were the days .... so with those thoughts in mind... I created this LO for the girls as a GUEST CANDY STRIPER! Thanks Girls!!
I used all the pretty soft colours I could find and found this cute BG ice cream one in my stash.. More BG papers, some cute vintage cards and trims from a kit from WIOIN, some Ysweet vintage doilies and some of my own and one of my own flowers - that kind of looked like ice cream.... oh... and a sticker I stole from my daughters sticker sheet (shhh)
cant believe there aren't any close ups.... not like me.... must be this pain coming from my scraped knee!
Lastly - thanks to all you girls who stop by and leave lovely (and sometimes strange and amusing..) comments here ... they always make my day :)

Gotta go find a band-aid... :( and a Mr Whippy van... and takeoff these thongs... FOOTWEAR!!
See ya.. please leave a comment... I am begging...


  1. wow, lovin your layout.... and yep i remember that too...... and i know thongs are FOOTWEAR lol

  2. love your ice-cream memories .... back in those days.... what fun!
    LOVE your LO - lots of fun elements with the doilies, DP paper and the pom-pom rope - awesome work.

  3. Wow Mel I love your childhood ice-cream van memories. Classic!! Definately amusing and made my day. Your LO is awesome. Love all the elements and the ice-cream pp.

  4. WOW Mel your LO is absolutely fantastic. Love the mix of pp's and those doilies look fab!!! :)

  5. Have you changed that background again? I loved the trees. Yep, can still hear that Mr Whippy van. Luckily once in a while you see one about where you can get that icecream from. But, they never used to be $4.50 did they?? Fabbo LO. Love all of your icecream bits and the fluffy white icecream flower thingy.

  6. Strange and amusing? The two words that define me ;-)Love your blog Mel - always a rollicking good read, oh and your LOs aren't half bad either - your ice cream inspiration rocks!

  7. hope the 'strange' wasn't pointed at me Mel....:-P

    Cute layout luv, and those kids adorable!!

    Loved the blast from the past, you forgot about the part where you get the big kid from next door to ride their bike to the van to stop it until you could get money from your Mum.

  8. isnt it strange that the 2 people I put the Strange and amusing in for would automatically know it was them!!!! too funny

  9. thanks again for your lovely comment, Mel...love your kraft it up layout...all those perfect little details, and this fun Summery icecraem layout is fabulous, I love that hand made flower!!!!

  10. Love this Mel! So fun, summery - yummy!!
    Love all the little details!
    Great to have you join us on the Lollipop Ladies - Candy Stripes team
    :D :D :D