Monday, September 6, 2010

lollipop layouts

Lolipop Ladies this fortnight tempted us with an image of lollipops.
Anyone who knows me well knows I always have a cream chuppa chup in my bag for lifes emergencies like a whinging 4 year old girl with curly hair and deep brown eyes calling me "BUTTMUMMY" or when mummys blood sugar gets low and she gets a bit loopy - yes I blame the blood sugar for that!!!
Not sure if I am entirely happy with this - but here is my LO.
I was inspired by the colours of lollipops and the shape - circles and the ruffled wrappers... and the loopy loops are for how I feel before a lollipop....This photo of my DD was taken before she could talk and when she was cute, she went through the swimming bag and found a lollipop given to the boys as a reward for good swimming. She would not give it back and I'm not sure if you can see the drool on her top - but I'd say she loved it!! Now she takes after her Mumma and I have to find better hiding spots.
We had to use Cellophane or acetate on our LO too. I didn't have any cellophane so I tried making a shrinky dink out of the wrapper and the bag - it didn't work - Mr Muscle had to scrub really hard to get the melted plastic off the oven and the smell was atrocious!! So I HAD to unwrap - and eat - another lollipop to make a wrapper covered button ... very cute and not so easy as it kept ripping - so I had to open, and eat alot of lollipops.

Close up of my ribbon ruffles because I found the macro button on my camera...
Lastly - can I just say a BIG thankyou to all those girls who have left lovely comments for me of support and congrats on the selling of our house. It is such a big deal and now I fully understand just how stressful it all is.
Also thanks to Jas for taking photos for me throughout the auction and risking the fact that people thought you were weird!! Your turn this weekend!!


  1. Oooh.. what a fun page! LOVE all the colours and details! I love the explanation about the loopiness too! hehe! Thanks for joining in the Lollipop challenge again!!

  2. love love thqat layout mel, just gorgeous, and so is your dd......

  3. Very cute Mel. Love all of the colours and dont know where to look first. Gorgeous ribbons, love the chuppa chup idea and SHE is tooo cute. Love that bit of lollypop fabric too.

  4. Hi there- I just came across your blog through Ali. You have a very cute blog here. And I have that scrap paper and have no idea what to do with it, but you ROCKED it. I LOVE the ruffles on the LO too :)

  5. This is an awesome take on the lollipop. All crazy (in a good way), colourful and loopy. I love it. xo

  6. Totally agree what a fun layout - and love the strips of ribbon
    Bit of a shame about having to eat so many lollipops ah? LOL