Thursday, October 7, 2010


Hi Girls
just wanted to put in this quick post to say thankyou to you all for commenting to my little scrapper in the last post, but..... I think we may have created a monster as he is now going through my "challenges" list - which I print off each month and selecting his next challenge!! Its even taken priority over homework this week!!
Watching him read the lovely comments and walking off with his chest puffed up was priceless - I have even had to frame his LO and display it in the lounge!! Too cute.
Haven't done any scrapping at all as I wiped myself out on Saturday night after staying up until 3am then up at 6am and off to a birthday party all day Sunday... not a good combination for me so I have been layed up in bed with the dizzies!!! Will attempt something tonight as I had an early night last night.... wish me luck!!
Off to clean the animal cages - this place even smells like a zoo today LOL!!!!
Have a great day everyone - hope the sun is shining for you!!

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  1. Hey Zinga....just got your comment on my blog. yeah, I made that flower out of a brown paper lunch bag. Just punched some flowers out of it, scrunched them & layered, easy peasy, even YOU could do it lol

    No probs about the comment, looking forward to seeing his next creation. Abbey started talking about the Song Challenge @ CH but lost interest in about 5 mins so who knows if she's going to do it or not.

    OK...back to scrapping.
    P.S. feed your bloody hamster!