Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Need a laugh???

Click here
thanks Sam - filter is better than vaseline!!!
Gotta get me one of those actions!!


  1. lol..I know what you mean! The older I get the more I appreciate technology and all that it has to offer in regards to looking younger and more beautiful on photos! LOL..

  2. Wow what a photo.. would NEVER have picked that it was you.. where are your glasses... lOL>.
    seriously though..congrasts on the DT woot woot..and a super hugely humongous thanks for all your awesome comments.. you wonderful person you...
    ps.. you are NOW on my must stalk list.. insert evil laugh...

  3. ha ha!! About the postie: my hubby asks the same thing lol. I think i get something delivered nearly every day. I'm more than just slightly addicted to this craft!