Saturday, October 23, 2010

Creating Cards

I just finished making these cards and featured some of my handmade flowers!!
Think they look pretty good for a first attempt at card making!!

Hope you are all having a great weekend.
TFL Mad Mel :P


  1. Two gr8 cards... Flowers look fab.

  2. Mel these are gorgeous!! Those handmade flowers are beautiful!! I have been meaning to have a go at making some of these as I have drawers full of fabric. You've inspired me to get cracking. Have a fab weekend. :)

  3. Oh they look more than just 'pretty good'. They are BEAUTIFUL..well done. The flowers are so good. You did well!

  4. Yeah these are not bad Mel - can't wait to see your next attempts lol - gorgeous work chicky. Oh and I'm very sorry but I've been feeding your hamster - he was oh so hungry!

  5. So, you are not going to start a new obsession are you?????? These look lovely. Great way to use up your lace and flowers. Did the receivers like them??