Saturday, October 9, 2010

his greatest hero...

that's the title of my LO for the Sketch challenge for Challenge Heaven
The story behind the photos... this is my little mans "explorer" outfit that he chose to wear almost everyday during the summer of 09/10. They are explorer clothes because of the colour and because they help him camouflage in the bush so he can track animals... yep, as I have explained before he has an amazing imagination.
They are also his favourite clothes because they are as close to Steve Irwin colours as he can get. Trust me, this kid is going to be the next Steve Irwin (who coincidentally grew up in the next suburb!!), he is such a greeny and an animal lover and researcher, always reading and researching weird and wonderful animals...
He could have a worse hero in his life, so I am happy. The first photo is the Steve Irwin pose that I get nearly every time the camera is pointed at him!!! And a close up of my handmade epoxy paper clip...
and another.....

Had such a great day with some very talented girls at the Craft Fair here in Melbourne. If you are local you will have to go and check it all out!! Thanks for a great day girls!!
thanks for visiting!!!!!! Keep tuned for something very exciting soon........ hmm.....


  1. Great LO, love it and all your cute little croc elements.

  2. that page is AMAZING....
    Love the story behind it and yep, love kids imaginations.
    Thanks for my comment on my blog too, I laughed so hard, cause I hadnt even related the chickens to the chicken sausage rolls. lol
    have a top weekend.

  3. Good LO of Jai. Cant believe I didn't see you at the Fair. It was pretty good hey??

  4. love love love all your little embellies...makes it all come together perfectly