Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Shhhhh... please be quiet

*whispering in my best David Attenborough voice*
What you are witnessing here... is the very rare occurrence... of siblingus rivalrius... otherwise known as brother and sister.... sharing a box of toys.... without .... a single argument.... This... does not happen in nature ... alot.... so is very special..... and so .... I needed to record this ... to prove .... they can interact .... and even use manners... with each other ... OH!! .... I just witnessed ... something absolutely ... remarkable .... one asking if they could use a piece of the blocks... and the other agreeing... and passing it over.... sharing I believe... remarkable....this has been going on ... for almost an hour...absolutely remarkable...
I had asked for beds to be made and to get dressed ... no beds made and only one is dressed. While DD was in the shower, I went into her room (unmade bed!!) to get out her clothes for the day and found this

her clothes laid out neatly including a hat and shoes and handbag... and pj's for tonight complete with a dolly and if you lift the pants ... a night nappy (or "just in case" as we call it)!!

Please exit via the right on an orderly fashion as to not disturb the animals.... thankyou for visiting


  1. omg that is definitely a scrap worthy moment...... my boys have never(well hardly ever) been like that lol

  2. BYe Crikey!!! It's a pair of rare australian sharing kids!!!!! You are so HILARIOUS...good to know there are others out there who like to do the david attenborough voiced lol!!

  3. That is sooo cute Mel. Love the clothes and the 'just in case'. Perfect moment captured (tick).

  4. LOVE IT!! I had David Attenborough's voice in my head as I was reading. I love that your daughter had her clothes all laid out on the bed including shoes, hat and handbag. Gorgeous. Hugs, Mel xxx

  5. something for me to look forward to

  6. Cool photos!!! Thanx for poppyin by & leaving a lovely comment..That flower is made by cutting a circle from cardstock, & The green ribbon i got from Anna's Craft cupboard, It was already stitched.I cut a piece to fit around the circle & then there was a little space in the middle for the button........... I hope that makes sence.