Tuesday, August 16, 2011

So as promised.. here is the pictures of THE cake from my sons 8th birthday. Yes ... it does look like a weird kind of flying shark thingo ... but if you squint your eyes really tight and tilt your head to the left ... you should give an image of "Toothless" the Night Fury from the movie "how to Train Your Dragon. {see images below..}                                                                                    I'm telling you ... my kitchen and myself was covered in blue black icing by the end of it - I thought it would be a simple task - get the sponge cake cut to size ... assemble the cake together with the icing and ice then decorate with the YELLOW jelly beans {that got eaten as soon as the kiddlywinks arrived home... so we had to change to orange..} easy right...WRONG!!!
The sponge cake left crumbs every time I dragged the spatula over the cake to ice it... then I had to completely seal all the cake so it would stay fresh ...by midnight... I didn't want to see icing ever again and got hubby to clean up the mess...
OH... and the mouth wouldn't stay open as to the blue prints I was given for the cake - so I had to stuff ... no cram the mouth open with lollies just so you could see the teeth...

But as you can see by the look on his little face, the effort was well worth it, he loved it and had a wonderful time with all his friends at the play centre...

and this is toothless the night fury from the movie....

So Saturday night, my daughter decided to share her bout of gastro with me ... nothing like it for rapid weight loss ...yeah yeah boo hoo for me BUT... don't feel sorry for me yet ... that's not the end ...
Monday ... I got up - got the kids organised for school and mopped all the floors and did 2 loads of washing and even ironed shirts (ask Jas... that's a big deal for me..)
but wait there is more...

Hubby is sick this morning.
whats worse than a grown man who is sick??
especially my man..
so now he hasn't shown ANY signs of gastro....
but apparently you cant talk properly,
you walk into walls...
you have to sleep on my side of the bed...
and then to top it all off, I thought I had better check on him and so ask if he needs anything .... he asks me for a barley sugar for his mouth!!!..... ummm.... I'm sorry but its not the 1900's I don't actually walk around with boiled lollies in my pocket.... so where am I supposed to get this barley sugar from????
had to give him a dirty look and say "NO! I DO NOT HAVE A BARLEY SUGAR!!" and then swear as I walked off...
please don't feel sorry for him ... his mum will be here tonight to console him because I have NO sympathy for a sooky la la ...

how do your men handle being sick??? Are they all the same???

thanks for letting me whinge!!
hee hee hee

until next time MAD MEL XXXX


  1. Wow - what an amazing cake!!!!!!! Well done to you and he looks like he loved it to bits :-). Icing cakes is always fun hey ... LOL ... I find it easier to freeze the cake, and it makes cutting and icing easier - no flaking. But, you have to be quick then! Talking about cakes, my little boy turns 2 this week, I've just bought all the ingredients for a train cake :-) wish me luck!! LOL
    PS. sorry to hear about the sickies ... aparently men to get things FAR worse than anyone *roll eyes* (I must admit, my hubby is really good tho!! Lucky me!!)

  2. Wow I just love this cake a huge pat on the back for you well done!!! And yes I know what you mean myDH was sick a few weeks ago and deary me I think that he thought his throat was cut!! LOL!!!!
    Take care

  3. WOWers MEL! You are a Clever Chick A Dee... That cake looks Totally Awesome!!
    Hope Everyone Get better REAL Soon!!!
    Just TOOOOOOOO Funny MEL!! You have just brought tears to my eyes after reading the Part (ummm.... I'm sorry but its not the 1900's I don't actually walk around with boiled lollies in my pocket.... so where am I supposed to get this barley sugar from????) LOL! As i still having a Chuckle... Please Excuse mE as sometimes I little things the Funniest... Ohhhh & I am Blonde!!!

  4. WOW!! That cake is SUPER COOL!!! But I found it clearer when I tilted my head to the right not the left LOL!! Glad to hear he had a wonderful day. Yeah all men are sookies when it comes to being sick, man-flu, much worse than the one we all get! Hope you all feel better soon! xoxo

  5. Ahhhhh yes, we were just waiting for him to get it hey? Hope he didn't dent (is it dent or dint??) the walls. Funny funny and yep, mummy dearest will be there (and she told me Sat she isnt there as much because of her voluntary work now.....hehe) tonight.
    The cake looks bigger the J in that pic. It tasted great too. Thanks.

  6. HI stranger :) wow, your cake is brilliant !!! I bet your son LOVED it !! LOL about your hubby with 'Man flu" yep, my DH gets that too, and I thought he was the worst patient ever, but now I think I have to conceed your DH is the winner... thanks for the good laugh :)