Friday, August 12, 2011

Happy Birthday!! and a STB

It so hard to imagine that 8 years ago yesterday... this little man was born... freaky looking alien who was purple, yellow, black and red...and squeaky....and very sick....

Now I have a gorgeous 8 year old... who got cuter and cuter.
Love the expression on both these little faces when he opened his present that he has been waiting for since January... when we ordered it together from ebay {gotta love ebay..}
yeah ... think he is happy!!
this little man plans his birthdays for an entire year ...list writing, maps and plans are all drawn up to make sure it goes off without a hitch... this year we had a map of where to hide all his presents around the house so it could be like a treasure hunt for him.
Cake designs are drawn and labelled right down to the last lolly decoration ... scrapped and re done, even the invitations are chosen .. friends come and go so these are also changed regularly ... all the little details are covered right down to the lolly bags... and the "present list" of course is stuck up on the hall stand next to the phone - in case anyone wants to know what he may like.(hee hee)

Tomorrow is the big play centre party ... 10 am... the smell of frankfurts and sauce wafting from the kitchen ... sticky tables and benches ... teenage girls "hosting" the party and wishing they were elsewhere... 8 year old kids very excited ... noise .... the noise... did I mention 10am ... Mummy cant wait...ergh...

now onto more fun stuff...

Scrap the boys this month gave us this cool room to draw inspiration from....

I am going to show you the close ups first
just for a change
and because I can...

the big fella was home sick during the week and so wanted to help with the scrapping I had out .. he gave me this stamp to add as an embellishment .. because the corner was ripped so its not worth anything ...Gee..thanks...
 some gorgeous twine from Old Favourites as well as the bingo card and vintage library card and playing card and carnival ticket... heap left over from this pack of vintage yumminess...
 dunno why this photo is here...but anyway...
 hidden journalling ... about how my little man went to this awesome playground on this day and wouldn't play and be silly because he felt he was to old to play along with the other kids, so he hung around with mum.
This really broke my heart to see him like this, he has since learnt that childhood does not last forever and running through a playground is really fun ... even for fat ol' daggy mum... {who really doesn't care what other people think of her getting stuck in a tunnel... and daddy taking photos... while tears of laughter roll down his face... and mummy frantically trying to call Jenny Craig.... )
I did escape... a little bruised... and embarrassed...and so now I have these beautiful photos of this beautiful boy.. and so here it is...the finished product
Off to build a dragon cake (to the design specification blue prints I was handed this morning from "the Birthday Folder") and fill lolly bags with my DD who is home sick today...devastated as she is missing out on an excursion to a farm where she could milk a cow and ride a pony ... in her NEW GUMBOOTS i bought her yesterday.... poor little thing... she has been counting sleeps for 2 weeks....

cross fingers for no more sickies tomorrow ...
have a lovely quiet morning tomorrow.... think of me.....


  1. A BIG HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your BOY for yesterday... Hip Hip Hooray!!
    Ohhh GEE's your Funny!! Love the little Story to this Layout & not the Part about your BOY the Part about YOU..... I Can't stop giggling right now!!
    BUT Your Layout is Just Gorgeous love it too bits....
    Hope your DD gets better REAL soon!!

  2. lpove love loveeee that layout...just awesome

    hope your little tykes are all better soon........ Happy Birthday to your little fellow. love the look on both their faces in the pressie opening pics

    and in reply to you on my blog,..... nope no secrets lol..... what can i say, just cos i have 6 boys doesnt mean i have to turn masculine too lol, im a girl, and i like girl things, and if i want girlie i will do girlie even with boys in the pics, i dont care cos im the girl in this house lol

  3. oh Mel.. I am so thankful you stopped by my blog.. for some reason I lost your blog and have missed reading it - so YA.. I found YOU!!
    I love that page.. so much texture and different bits and bobs!
    happy birthday to you son, hope he enjoys himself.
    Happy weekend my friend x

  4. What a fabulous page - fits the inspo pic perfectly :-) ;-)
    Happy Birthday to you boy!!!!! So much fun, hope he has a great day and can't wait to see a pic of the cake :-) :-)

  5. Hip Hip Hooray Jai. Hope he had a fab Birthday and hope you got the two heartfelt messages for him...one day they will learn to talk on the telephone....
    Great page of M and giggle at you in the tunnel. I should bring E tomorrow and you can get stuck in another getting her out....
    And yep, I think he was right, that stamp is just perfect.

  6. Wonderful layout Mel and happy Birthday to your little man!!!

  7. Hey so glad you are back blogging, I totally thinka ll your layers and details really rock here!

  8. wow Mel this is super awesome .... absolutely fabulous ... love, love, love it ... hugz x

  9. Love your layout, lots to look at and admire! Happy birthday to your boy too
    :) x

  10. Awesome LO Mel.. love all the layering, such a fab take on the inspiration pic!! Happy birthday to your little man.. OMG the cake looks amazing.. what a fab mum you are!! :)))