Friday, August 5, 2011

Chain of events....

Warning: some images may be considered disturbing - graphic photos

So here I am... sitting quietly scrapping away surrounded in my usual clutter...when I heard a disturbing noise from upstairs ... it was coming from the landing.... just near the front porch.... Can I tell you I was quite startled and a little scared as I was home alone...kids at school and hubby away .. so I quietly and cautiously went upstairs to investigate...
it was horrific!!!

Firstly I found Ken - naked again (ok..that's nothing unusual ) but he was being eaten alive by a BLUE LIOPLEURODON!!
I thought he were dead!! but nup... so I had to rescue him from the jaws off death, off to the dolls house with him to get the Barbies to bandage him up and tuck him into bed and nurse him back to health..

 Then I stumbled across a blue whale - captured by a cave man and caged behind a rickety fence, no water in sight- off to the bath tub with him!!
what??? Blue whales can live behind fences cant they??
But alas... the get away car... and don't these 2 cave men look shocked to see me as they attempt to race off with an orange raptor strapped to the back of there over sized jeep....

 and not far away ... could it be?? could it be the goose that lays the golden eggs??? A hideously humongous Goose being trapped and escorted away by yet another cave man (hmm nice boots mate - are they authentic mammoth fur??)
 And yep - of course a fight had broken out - Max from "where the wild things are" (hes always the trouble maker isn't he..) was making mischief of one kind... and another by making his mammoth (hmm...cool tatts mate - are they real or henna???) ram an innocent diplodocus us.... ANOTHER FIGHT TO BREAK UP!!
after some counselling for the diplodocus - they all became friends ...and Max was sent on a boat and travelled over the seas and in and out of weeks to think about what he had done.
The cave men released the captured Blue Whale: and he is now fully hydrated and the overgrown goose?? Well I pocketed that for the golden eggs.... Then we went shopping for boots and tattoos ( they were fake after all ....) 
and Ken made a speedy recovery - but is still unable to wear clothes for longer than 5 minutes... He is such a FLIRTY SHOW OFF!!
soo... this is what happens when a little man gets up early and is organised for school and has time to play...

hope your day isn't filled with horror stories like mine....


  1. LOL...............i have 6 boys and never had a horror story like this lol.... i mustve done something wrong not to get a story like this.......

    love love your get picky layout, just gorgeous

  2. Hehe. I should show the boys....

  3. well i must say your house was definately full of adventure..and the fact that you documented it all is hilarious.. must remember that.... woot woot..and YAY....

  4. Haha, fun post, I love it! thanks for sharing!