Saturday, January 8, 2011

Bye bye bloggians.....

Hi Girls
I am officially off line as of now....

Flis... I am wishing you all the very best for the birth of your bubba and will be thinking of you.

Jas will let me know of any important "stuff" and email me if you like or contact Jas and she can forward on my email to those who cant live without me!!!
Take care

Ill be back as soon as humanly possible

Mad Mel


  1. Good Luck with the move Mel.. hope it all goes smoothly. Will miss your crack me up comments!!

  2. All the best with the move Mel, will be thinking of you! Just think of that glass of wine at the end babe, in your new home! XXX

  3. see ya when you are back online... missin ya, good luck with your move

  4. hapy moving..and yep miss you already.. see you real soon..