Friday, February 4, 2011

hidelly ho neighbourinos!!!

Oh man have I missed you all!!
I have been trying to keep up with you all but Hubby's work computer has a security setting that wont allow me to log into most blogs :( so I am catching up with the few sentences I can read from my dashboard.
I am having SERIOUS stalking withdrawals, and to make it worse, I dont have the laptop most of the time :( and I have lost my camera so the LO's I have completed for Lollipop Ladies ( and others....) have been taken on a "box Brownie" camera and I dont have my beloved "photoshop" and then I fell over and hurt my knee, and then.......*deep breath*****
Have I shown you this LO for Lollipop Ladies Licorice allsorts??
It's a photo of my Mr Big diving off a HUGE diving board while we were on holidays in Gundagai. He was so brave ( I hate heights) and there were a terrible bunch of teenagers picking on him the whole time and calling him names and pushing in until he plucked up the courage to jump {and Mummy had a few choice words to the bullies....} he was so proud of himself for doing it and I was proud of him too. He jumped in twice ( just to show the bullies he could!!) and then mummy said - ok no more {I was slightly freaking out!!!}
So I have used some of my cute little ladybird pins down the bottom there, and some yellow flowers I made too and some gorgeous mandarin bakers twine from the gorgeous Sam at Old Favourites
Have I shown you this???
Then there is this one of the three monsters.
This one is for the Lollipop Ladies too - this one is mint fudge {mmmmm.... I could go for some choc chip mint fudge now.....}
Whenever the three of them play together - there is always a "story" they all make up as to where and who they are and a scenario is acted out {in this case they are explorers in the jungle and a wild lion is stalking them as prey...} ...dont ask... this could go on for days too BTW... and at any time you leave the house, the lion could be there sniffing the air for its prey... and you will find me quite literally hiding behind telegraph poles and dodging trees and dogs on my way to Coles for the day...and I wonder why people call me Mad Mel....Hmmmmm
sorry... the box brownie camera doesn't do too well....
but I HAVE to include at least some close ups
and a sneeky peeky at the next one.....

Oh yeah!!!!
My baby started school today - so weird not having to answer questions, make lunches or wipe bums, secretly I loved it and cant wait for Monday...I was sad to see her go because she is my baby but she was SUPER excited to be a school girl and had such a busy and fun day. She looked so cute too, will have to get some photos posted.
And congrats to Jas for finally being published in SBM... just remember who pushed you into it all at the beginning girlfriend.... and well done Hayley T too - you go girls, rocking the scrapping world...
and.......I have some VERY EXCITING news to share with you all next month so stay tuned ....and no Sue....nah nah nah nah to you, you dont know what it is and I didnt buy Brown Brothers Winery...yet.....

I hope all you girls are safe and didn't get washed or blown away.
I have contacted most of you that I stalk regularly and was very happy to hear you were all safe, except for property damage which is devastating.
Just want you to know I am thinking of you and sending you my love, but am having "blog security issues" and so cant keep up :(
Stay safe my lovelies
Mad Mel


  1. Hey welcome back, even just for a bit! Yes..we have also missed you and your lovely comments and posts. Hope you are doing well...take care and cant wait to hear the exciting news!

  2. Welcome back on line Mel, I hate that when the security does that, not sure if this will help but my computer man told me to do a delete history and cookies when this happens, it seems to have worked for me so far. I love both your layouts for Lollipop ladies, the explore one is stunning for this month, and cannot wait to hear your awesome news....Melxx

  3. Welcome back Mel.. have really missed your blog posts. Loving all your LO's so many yummies to look at!! Can't wait to hear your exciting news! Take care :)

  4. ive missed ya girlie...... glad to have you back, and read about your familys funny antics lol

  5. Here I had planned a really nice comment about how nice it is to see you blogging but I think I'll feed your hamster first and OMG, I see your comment above him. lmao!!!

  6. So glad Shell got here before me otherwise I would have spent ages feeding the hamster while my children slowly expired from starvation!

    So great to have you back Mel, your blog updates remind me that I am not alone in my madness (said in a loving way). Ah I've missed you!

    Wtg Mr Big - that is a huge tower. Good on you for sticking it to the bullies Mel. Last time I did that I got called a psycho wranger (but that's a story for another day lol).

    Your LOs are wonderful as usual, love all the little details.

  7. bahahahahaha...I am literally PMSL laughing!!! I have SO missed reading your blog posts! (Please don't leave us that long again!) Can't wait to hear your news, shall def have a Moscato with you in celebration when you finally reveal all! (Shame it's not buying BB though!) Have also missed seeing your funky work, so am glad to get a fix of that today too, especially love the 'Mermaid Hair' LO - seriously YUMMY! Missed u lots, so glad to have you back! XXX

  8. Hey, your back, well sort of but at least it can keep the withdrawals at bay. Lets get it fixed asap. Miss you in blog land.
    But, I have been keeping an eye on LL so I can see your creations. My eyes are like a scanner on your LOs. They dart across the page then across again, up and down, all around. I so love seeing what you have used, sometimes something out of the archives but most of the time, your paper from that massive stash.
    Gorgeous work my dear but we need to see more of it.

  9. totally love how bright and colourful those first two are and the neutral colours in the last

  10. Hi Mel, love your layouts and I loved reading your blog. You sound like a great girl to have around the scrap table. You brightened my day and made me laugh.

  11. Welcome back to the bloggersphere Mellie girl! Nice to see the madness hasn't stopped!