Tuesday, July 26, 2011


So very thankful for lovely friends.

 Some days I find it really hard to get out of bed and my body aches and is so heavy...that's OK, it comes with the package deal of this disease and I push through it knowing that it will be OK in a couple of days.

The kids are unaware of what is going on but know that sometimes, mum cant be crazy and jump around or even walk fast and I get a bit grumpy and fed up.

 Yesterday afternoon a good friend noticed I was limping ... even though I thought I was walking fine .. you know when your drunk but you think you appear sober .. I lied and assured her I was fine and that I would load the kids on the bus and be on my way home.

 Well this morning at 8:30 there was a toot from the driveway - she has 2 children of her own attending our school - but she ferried my kids and hers to school, having to come back to pick up my eldest son because there wasn't enough room in the car in the first trip.
How very sweet is that!!

So then, I came back inside, turned on the computer to see what was happening in the world, and I have received a lovely email from Kerri who filled me in with what was happening in her life and welcoming me back to blogland. I haven't met Kerri yet but through this craft, we have become great mates. You have to go and check out her blog... it IS very high tech...

Moments like this make you remember with all the evil in the world there are some genuinely nice people out there.

 Ahhh... its nice to have such lovely friends...

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