Sunday, June 27, 2010

Catch up of layouts

Hi everyone!! Thought I might give you all a catch up of what I have been up to before I entered cyberspace.
Grab yourself a cuppa because there are plenty to look at and this is only the beginning!!

Over at Scrapboutique I joined the postcard competition where we had to create layouts influenced by different countries. I absolutely loved this challenge as it made me really think outside my comfort zone ... hope they do it again soon, it was so much fun!

Here are my Layouts

France - loved all the soft feminine colours:

Greenland:- I have never seen snow but the cool colours reminded me of ice and snow

India : warm spice colours and bright colours of saris and of course bling!!

Japan ( well I went to China... mix up with the flight!!) Photo is of my Dad and my daughter who share a birthday and a special relationship. She can do no wrong in his eyes!!!
USA:- My beautiful DS#1 - I won a prize for this one!!!
Italy - My husband is Italian so it seemed only fair to use our wedding photos in this one!!Love these photos of my DD copying her older brothers and trying to do a wee outside standing up ( the trouble of having only one toilet in the house!!) This LO was for a sketch challenge at Scrapability
Another one for Scrapability

Colour challenge on Scrap the Girls - love this photo of this crazy girl!!

One of my favourite LO's

Scrapability Soup challenge - my son on his birthday - the photo captures his face when he saw he had received a drum kit as a gift after asking for well over 6 months

Photos of my DS#2 when he had his beautiful long curls chopped off to make him look like a boy (he is very pretty and would have made a very pretty girl ... Shhh)

Love this one of my beautiful DD, this photo is one of my favourites even though she is not smiling.

Kraft It Up - we had to create our own patterned background

Scrapboutique - June challenge was to use symbols - love this photo of my little monsters playing in the back yard. They share a real special bond and always have fun together ( well... nearly always!!)

Had enough??? Plenty more where these came from!!!

Off to scrap another one to share. Thanks for stopping by!!! ... until next time.....

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  1. OMG, stunning work here Mel... Loving all of these!!