Thursday, October 6, 2011

ZZ Shop showcase.....

Just wanted to share with you this amazing layout which was created by one of my bestest Bloggy Pals Amanda Taylor - she emailed me to let me know her goodies had arrived and literally 30 minutes later... this beautiful page was in my in box. Seriously - I don't know how she does it - Im sure you all know her well as she is on EVERY challenge site I go on.. popping her little face out.
She was kind enough to use my products on this LO - you can see the raffia daisies in the top left, the ribbon rosettes down near the bottom right corner and my new - yet to be released - fluffy flower is the blue one there too.

 Such a gorgeous page - be sure to go over to her blog and check out her pages and say hi!!

and by the way - ZZ Top are not an "OLD BAND"... I still rock out with them while I vacuum ... but you are the only one who has picked up on that Amanda!!!

Rock on girls


  1. thanks for showcasing my layout, im glad you like it and think i did a good job with your products...... i do promise that im not on EVERY challenge site, there are some ive never ventured to....we must just have the same taste in sites that we love cos we do go to the same ones....

    i love zz top.... glad to see its not just me showing my age lol, i just had to mention that, i only just picked up on it though, didnt come to mind right from the start

  2. Hi Mel, wonder if you could email me magic88@bigpond.net.au regarding sponsoring the scrapping site I run.