Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!!!!

Just wanting to put a shout out to all my mummy mates
Happy Mothers Day.
Lets just all remember those who have lost their mummies and remember that this is a really hard day for them, and give them an extra specially squishy huggle, because they need it.

Hope you all get spoilt rotten.... already "spied" my prezzies from the school stall ..... lucky mummy!!!! ;)


  1. Have a wonderful day Mel. My communist children have boycotted Mothers Day - shame on them so I am spoiling my Mum instead.

  2. Hey Stalker!!
    Glad your back!
    Have a great day tmorrow with your kidlets!
    Love your new house!
    hugz xx

  3. Hey Hey Mel!!!
    Hope you had a wonderful Mothers Day too....

  4. hey ZInga.. can you email me.. leanne.jago1@bigpond.com your snail mail addy.. you won my lil giveaway.. so i would love to post it to you...
    happy mums day for the other day hope you had a great one...

  5. Hope you got spoilt rotten too....or at least a sleep in for five mins!