Sunday, April 10, 2011

Old Favourites!!!

 ok.... you dont need to listen to me whinge about the camera, photos or the computer any more.... but you get the idea...
and another close up.....

sorry - blogger is playing funny buggers with me and I am not sure how to make this close up closer up for you to see... squint and you may get the idea

Well this is an old photo and its one one of my very favourite photos of my little man looking all cute and innocent with snot and all.
 I have used lots and lots of goodies from Sam at Old Favourites. She is having a sale right now on alot of her stock so you should go and have a look and pick up a bargain while you are there!!
I have used a bingo card, a playing card, vintage monopoly card, vintage dress making alteration tag and lots of little tidbits that are all so cute and funky!!

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